Who is in the know? Help!

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  1. So I know I am late in this game but I would just love a blue or white Mahala. How do I go about finding one on sale? I have checked all the usual web sites and also called a few stores. Do I need to call every NM and BG? Who is in the know on this subject? Or am I just much too late. I know sales are going on now and it's Christmas. Not sure anyone would even have time to look for me if I call, as I am sure the sales floors are packed. I would just love a bag with color and on sale all the better. It's not even Christmas and I'm wishing for spring and color. Thanks for any hints and advice.
  2. auctionaddict - The best thing to do is cultivate a relationship with an SA. Do you have an SA at NM, Nordstrom, BG or Saks? The SA can check the stores computer to see if there are any in the system.

    You will not find an electric blue Mahala in any store. They have been sold out for months. If it is reissued, that will make a lot of people happy! The white one was carried by Saks and another Choo girl posted that there is one on sale at the San Francisco Saks now. Give them a call. Spring 08 is coming soon, so you may see another color that you cannot live without. :graucho:
  3. It seems like allot of people are interested in the EB Mahala. I wonder why they don't bring it back or what they have in store to replace that demand for color? I'm excited to see what the spring line looks like for the Mahala. Thanks for the advice I will call around in the morning to those stores.
  4. I have heard a rumor that we will see some turquoise in S/S 2008. That is one of my favorite colors. I could be in big trouble. :graucho:
  5. I like that color too. I really love the Shimmer that is out now, but I cannot afford almost $2000 for one bag. I wish I could. I am forced to shop ebay and have things authenticated here or sales.
  6. Though I love EB but if there's some exciting colors to look forward to for S/S 2008, then it's worth sacrificing the EB, hehe. Turquoise! I can't wait to see it!