Who is going to vote in November?

  1. For you U.S. people, are you going to vote Nov. 7th? If you don't plan to vote, why not?

    My answer is yes, I've voted in every election since I registered many years ago, primaries and all. If I don't vote, I figure I don't have the right to complain! I recall an election in Minnesota where after a recount, a major state office was decided by less than 200 (my memory is fuzzy) votes, so to me, each vote counts.
  2. LOL that's what I tell people - if you don't vote you shouldn't complain!

    We have our absentee ballots sitting here and are going to fill them out today. :smile:
  3. ^^ I sometimes say the same thing. I plan on voting. I have also voted in every election that has come up since I turned 18.
  4. I'll vote, I've voted in every election, primary, & special election since I turned 18 too. I personally am very excited about the midterm elections this year, I'm ready for some change in Washington!!!!
  5. Yes! I def plan to vote. I got my absentee ballot a few days ago. I judt need to fill it out. I too have voted in every election since turning 18. I wish it was 08' though, I can't wait till Bush is out of office.
  6. I am not voting this time around. I didn't even know it was election time until a few days ago and I believe that it is too late for me to receive an absentee ballot
  7. I definitely plan to vote so I can justify how much I complain, which happens to be a lot. :lol:
  8. there is absolutely no excuse to not vote in oregon...they send the ballots to your door.

    i'm feeling a bit disenfranchised this year, but i'll still vote on principle. like everyone else says, if you don't vote don't complain!
  9. YES I will vote! I actually enjoy the process of going to the local elementary school to get my ballot...nice older ladies there to sign you in and help you turn in your ballot...it's a good way for the community to run shoulders with one another, since we're all so busy with our own lives.
  10. Yes I plan to vote, any suggestions, J/K, LOL!!!
  11. I see that you are in California. Isn't that where people can get various propositions on the ballot? Do you know of any interesting ones this year? We're new to North Carolina, and I haven't heard of anything like that here--pretty straightforward voting for local, state and national candidates.
  12. Yes, I definitely will be voting.
  13. I just participated in a phone drive to remind people to vote in November today! If I was the one calling you at home at an inopportune moment to remind you to vote, I apologize! lol
  14. Great Topic Boxermom!!! :smile:

    I Have Voted In Every Election, Too!
  15. you i don't mind...it's the idiot who called before you that wanted me to refi the house i don't own. :rolleyes::supacool: kudos to you for getting out the vote in a non white house year!


    hubby and i spent dinner going over the voter's pamphlet...i decided on all but two of the candidate races, but since oregon has an inititive system and therefore puts 147,683 ballots on the sheet every year, i'm only halfway through those. i should be researching, but alas, i'm procrastinating as usual. (but it's not school, so for once that's okay ;) ) every november reduces me to a series of those :confused1: moments. then i remind myself that it's okay to feel that way because at least i care enough to research in the first place... :supacool: