Who is going to the next Hermes sale?

  1. Who is going? It should be right around the corner~

    I hope I can walk away with just ONE item this time. Must save for any bags that may turn up and the possibility of being out of a job ...
  2. i have been on the first day of the sale in frankfurt/GER.
    Only RTW...nothing which would fits me:sad:
  3. I'm flying to Paris for the day on Tuesday for the Hermes sale, I've been before, but I'm going to try and not be lured by the prices, if I don't see anything I really like, I'll be calling in at 24 Faubourg on the way back.
  4. I have been to the Milan boutique on the very first day. There wasn't much honestly, and I managed not to buy anything.
  5. Going to Amsterdam on Tuesday but not sure if I'll venture into the store (sale or not). Can't be tempted - trying to save my € for a trip to Paris in March!

    Would love to see what other ladies are picking up!