Who is going to LV tomorrow?

  1. I know a lot of us are making a trip to LV. Who's going and what are you getting? I just got a call from my SA reminding me about tomorrow. I can't wait. She also said that a lot of things came in today and so she has a bunch of stuff on hold for me to look at.
  2. oooo like what? im sorry i havent been on a while im so out of the loop now =(
  3. a new SA im working with also called me to confirm if I still wanted the items I had requested (heart & envelope pouch)...can you believe the SF bloomies said they only got TWO of the heart coin pouches in? one red, one pink. someone already is listed for the red, so im getting the pink heart and red envelope. sheesh, talk about exclusive or something.
  4. Im collecting the :heart: purse in pomme, the inclusion bangle in pomme and the keychain too.
    Bummer is I saw all my things on Sunday but had to leave them there till the Thursday!
  5. Michelle, are you going to the VF boutique? If so, please don't clean them out! :roflmfao: I'll be stopping by on Friday to see if there's anything left over that I can pick up.
  6. I have school, but im going this weekend.

  7. The Coeurs are launching and a pair of shoes that I've been waiting for has FINALLY arrived. She also said that they rec'd the Rivets bags, so I can preview those while I'm there. Some other Pomme d'Amour pieces are launching as well.

    Does anyone know if the Inclusion pieces will be available tomorrow? Just curious. The bracelets never fit me but it doesn't hurt to try them on and double check.
  8. I wish I was :sad: No stores near me!
  9. I'm hoping to!! Anxiously awaiting the call! haha....anyone in Canada gotten a call yet?'I know we always seem to get the shaft on the actual release dates...
  10. I really want to go, but I worry that I will be upset if I can't buy anything.
  11. Hmm...I should consider going, SCP ALWAYS takes FOREVER to call me about waitlisting!!!
  12. I'm going tomorrow to pick up my envelope plate and to check out the mono rivets bag. I'm excited!!!:yahoo:
  13. ! I can't but I wish I could! :sad:

  14. Hahaha. I'm going to VF, Lulu but don't worry I don't think I will clean it out.
  15. Nope I can't go! But I will go over the weekend.