Who is going to carry the Lady Braid in red?

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  1. While on vacation this week, I saw a Lady Braid satchel in red in a magazine (probably Vogue -- can't remember). I've only read here that the Lady Braid was coming out in grey, navy, and I think black. Will one of the department stores have the red?
  2. wow red would be soooo cool, the lady braid has some really nice colors, I love the blue, purple and even the black is beautiful...that hardware color is so nice too...
  3. red.. hmmmm
  4. Yeah, I know!:heart:
  5. WOW! It's probably beautiful...
  6. I would love to see this bag in red, must be quite the beauty.
  7. I saw the Lady Braid in red too, in the Lucky magazine. My SA at Chanel Rodeo said that they will *not* get this in red. She guessed that it might be a dept. store exclusive. But I didn't see this in the reserve book at Nordstrom, Saks or NM, so I don't know where it is going to be offered.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. Does anyone have a pic of this bag? I saw a really exceptional and unique looking red bag at the Bloomingdales in NYC and I'm wondering if perhaps this was it?
  9. Here's Monica's purple one she got from the 2006 collection:

  10. Ah, so it was Lucky. I knew I had read both Lucky and Vogue while I was on vacation and I couldn't remember which one it was in.
  11. This bag must be TDF in red, please someone post that mag pic:dothewave:
  12. I think it might be a Chanel boutique exclusive but it won't be coming in until end of Sept...I remember someone talking about this. Nordstrom only ordered the black and navy and NM ordered this in black and gray (maybe navy but I don't quite remember).
  13. Red would be very pretty - but I just am not attracted to the bag enough to buy, however I do think it is very pretty.
  14. Well, I've talked to Nordies and Nieman's today and neither of those is going to carry the red. My boutique SA is out until Monday. I'll try her then and see if she knows if the boutiques are going to get the red in.
  15. My SA at Madison said it will be available in black, dark grey, navy, and red. I am wait listed for the black. I haven't seen a photo of the red (although I will be looking closely now), only the other colors. I bet the red will be beautiful if the photos I've seen of the other colors are any indication. I just love the texture of this season's lady braids.