Who is getting this?

  1. Hey guys, isn't she a beauty! (Well Jen too, haha I meant the bag.)

    Who is all getting gorgeous bag?

    - L


  2. Nice shape, but I'm crazy about the animal print!

    I'd loveee to work at LV (although I would never be able to)...modelling bags would be so much fun!!!
  3. I want the plain Mono Steven, I have my guy in Las Vegas watching out for it as soon as it comes in. Can't buy it til later on in the month though, LV rules or something.
  4. Jill got it!!!! [I think.] :biggrin:

    I'm starting to like it more and more.. I hope the Houston Galleria has it when I go!!!
  5. what is the price tag on it....its kinda cute...it might just grow on me...
  6. Thanks!!!! I love these internal pics!
  7. they have one in LV SF Union Square...with the vachetta trimming instead of the leopard!! someone go get it!! $2000!!
  8. I can be a good cleaner lady if you need one for the backroom :nuts::graucho:
  9. I don't like it, but it's good to see the fun side of SAs :P
  10. Not my thing....but...when I click on the pictures for enlargement...

    some advertisments came with it, one about live girls (yuk!).....I think you need to ck this out........:confused1: or is it just me????:shrugs:
  11. Not something I would be interested in...
  12. Yeah the price tag if I remember when I saw it was $4600.00 - Stephen Leo (Mono Leopard.)
  13. Ummm.... NOT in leopard print.
  14. Nope not for me
  15. HAHA... I know our stock room is a mess! But hey we have our inventory next week so believe me we will be cleaning asap!

    I am a good cleaning lady too! We can both clean together! :yahoo: