Who is getting a something in the new Step style?

  1. [​IMG]

    I know we've only seen pics of The Step when it's stuffed full, but do you think you'll be getting one?
  2. I'm not enthused about it ... it appears a bit matronly. Maybe it would look better unstuffed...
  3. I know we are using these pics to death, but here is a better view of The Step...Clearly I love the look of this bag, is anyone with me?

  4. I really like it:yes:- I just wish it wouldn't have those long zipper ears. Then it would be a perfect cross between a Purse and a Brief!:love:
  5. Wow...what a substantial bag.:hrmm: It's slightly reminiscent of Mary Poppins in the picture. I like big bags…it’s a contender. Although I think my next conquest will be a day….thanks to alli’s cinnamon and oogiewoogie’s vert fonce. :idea:
  6. I think it will be quite easy to tuck in those zipper ends inside the bag...Like you can do on a City...
  7. I'd be interested if the handles are long enough to go around the shoulder. I think the shape is really interesting, though it would be really annoying to hand carry it all the time.
  8. I put myself on the list for this bag. I really liked the brief but decided it was too big. I love the city and purse style, so I'm hoping this will be a new versatile style to add to my collection. I won't commit until I see better pics of it or IRL. And personally, I like the ears!
  9. I'm hoping to and just from the pictures I like it. I've reached the point where I'll try anything new. A lot of people didn't like the top opening of the Brief, so they seem to be going all zippy on the new styles. I find the RTT interesting, too. Maybe I'm being influenced by the purpleness.
  10. My thoughts exactly! Because of the tapered top, the long zipper overhangs look a tad awkward. It is a ladylike bag though...perhaps a bit mature looking. But this is all from seeing a couple vague pictures, it could be stunning IRL.
  11. I'm thinking Balenciaga views the Step as a replacement for the dearly departed Purse.
  12. It doesn't have a strap??
  13. I'm signed up for a step in marigold...woohoo...so psyched!
  14. Looks like brief style..but i won't get it as i'm into work or city style.....:smile:
  15. I'm listed for a Violet Step! :yes: It looks to have a bit more depth than a Brief, it has feet, and it's a vertical bag. I like the look of it, and if I keep going to the gym and starving myself maybe those handles will accommodate my arms so that I can carry it on my shoulder. :graucho: