Who is from/living in Singapore??

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  1. Any of you?? Vlad and I may be on a radio station in Singapore sometime soon- just seeing how many of you we have on the forum!! :yahoo: :heart:
  2. wow Megs, it's wonderful :smile:
    i'm not from or living in spore, but been there couple of times. totally love to shop there, lots of great malls.
    i was particularly a toy junkie before, so i'd love to hunt for japanese toys in bugis junction and orchard road.

    have fun on ur trip!
  3. wow that's brilliant Megs! which radio station is it? i'm from Singapore but I'm currently residing in the UK.
  4. Cool. Megs, which station is that? I'll be sure to listen in (don't normally listen to the radio nowadays).
  5. 938 Singapore... We will let you know when and if they air it!
  6. Congrats Megs and Vlad! :yahoo:

    I'm from Singapore, currently in PA but going home at the end of the year (YAY!) :P

    Keep us updated on it - would love to tune in!
  7. Wow!! I'm not from there, but I have to say that is soooo neat!!! Congrats!!
  8. I live in Singapore but currently in San Francisco. I'll ask my friend to listen to it.


  9. I'm here!! Just lemme know when it's gonna air, and I'll be sure to tune in! Oooh! Might even be able to get the bf to record it, and have it uploaded somewhere so that everyone else can listen to it too! :yes:

    How kewl that they managed to get in touch with y'all from our tiny island! :supacool:
  10. me! me! me!
    This is so exciting!! do let us know when the airing will be :smile:
    Will you be coming too?!
  11. GREAT IDEA!!!! :yahoo:
  12. Woot! Yay Megs.

    Anyhoo, I WAS living in Singapore last year. Poop, wish I could hear the program.
  13. My future father in law is from Singapore!!
  14. i'll be in Singapore on the first week of January. wish i'll be in time for it! :jammin: