Who is deeply in love with Hermes RTW?

  1. I am really really really deeeeeeply in LOVE with Hermes ready-to-wear!!!!!:heart:
    Hermes has been producing very pretty RTW (:love::drool:)targetting younger generation as well as classic & conservative RTW for more mature ladies.

    As many of you know, I am a DIE-HARD croc.-Birkin fan:p. I still go insane for croc. Birkin. Please don't get me wrong. I love all kinds of Hermes leather, but recently....Hmmm...I have been like, unless it's croc. Birkin(of course I would jump on croc. Birkin in a heart bit:lol:), I rather have RTW over non-exotic Birkin for the same amount of money (it's totally my taste & personal preference..please don't get me wrong..:sweatdrop:)

    The whole point of my question is, is there any of you prefer to have Hermes RTW over Hermes leather bags? When I go into my store, I go to RTW section such in a hurry just pass a bag section(of course I check bag section AFTER RTW section)!!! I always dream about what would be my next RTW from Hermes....:heart:
  2. I love there RTW too.My problem is that everything is sooo big or oversized for me.I have been able to get away with there shorter coats:love:
  3. Hermes boutique has a tailor to correct the size for you for FREE:p, to just fit percetly on your body! That's another great treatment from RTW section. I love it when a tailor put pins over beautiful Hermes RTW following all over my body shape and length~:love:!
  4. i am actually i always was and probably always will be a bigger hermès clothes horse than bag horse. ever since the cashmere dreams collection from claude brouet/ Mariot Chanet i am in lovewith H fashion and who could forget the white silksmokings margiela did:heart:
  5. I'd love to see some pics of RTW - please post if you have any
  6. I love H's RTW! My favorites are items that are reversible...I have a cashmere hooded coat that's reversible, camel on one side and black on the other...Love it!
  7. here's a picture of the coat I have

  8. Wow, Lisa what a simply stunning coat!!!
  9. Well I love my Hermes RTW SA! He's the nicest, and I go to Hermes sometimes just to hang out with him...
    But even though I admire the beautiful RTW clothes, I am more than a little small/short for most of it and it would require a huge amount of alterations all over. And sometimes I find that it's too unpredictable how it would come out, and certain things are very tricky to alter, so most of the time, the RTW is not right for me. But it doesn't stop me from loving it anyway.
    I love certain items though. Last spring I found the perfect leather jacket (motorcycle style) that fit perfectly, and I was so thrilled. And this year I am in love with the riding boots.
  10. There were a few items featured in the past that were ultra chic and extremely wearable. Unfortunately, at that time, my finances didn't allow me to dip my toe into such luxury.

    Now that they're in a healthier state, the current collection (Spring/Summer '08)doesn't seem to tickle my fancy as much.*sigh*

    But I still have hope... The clothes are incredibly well made.
  11. Hi,

    The S/S 2008 which features a heavy influx of Indie influence is TDF! Accessories wise, it is also heavily packed!

    I got an uncle who tried to order the croco jacket in to Singapore, and trust me, the jacket cost a family fortune! However, all is forgiven since it is so nice!!!!!!!!!!

    Ordering a croco travel Birkin, wonder if this is possible.
  12. i love Hermes RTW too. the style is always so classy and stylish. i'm also really glad that in recent collections, the line is getting younger and more age appropriate for me :smile:
  13. I love Hermes RTW and I have a larger build so I appreciate the way the structure, it is generally quite flattering. Their pieces can be enough of a statement to justify the investment yet are classic enough to be worn year after year, which is a rare trait.
    I also agree with Lilach that the cashmere is like no other and I always try to buy a piece or two.