who is caroldiva, is she a pfer?

  1. hi, I want to buy soemthing off of eBay and i really want it looked over good, I have already posted in authenticate forum but someone suggested caroldiva....
  2. Carol used to work with MyPoupette, she is a really lovely lady who now has a service for authentication of her own. Sorry i don't know if she is on TPF or not.
  3. she is a tpf member but i dont know how often she is here. she's amazing, very knowledgeable and helpful!

  4. She is excellent. Very nice lady and I recommend her highly for any authentications you need. Very professional and helpful also. She will do 3 authentications for the same price. All you have to do is send her the links of the auctions you are considering bidding on.
  5. I would say - post it on the Authenticate this site and see what they have to say (get a few opinions) then if you still have doubts go to Carol (she charges a SMALL fee).
    She is also a TPF member so you can PM her too =)
  6. I recently used her authentification service. She charges $5 and she is pretty quick in sending an email response.
  7. I JUST used her...send her an e-mail yesterday afternoon and she responded last night. She came really highly recommended to me, too. What I really liked was, like the folks in here, she gave my item a first-run okay, but asked for more photos. The folks in here have been unbelievably nice and helpful, though, so you might consider posting it in here (as Nyria suggested...another brilliant Canuck ;) ) and then, if there's still doubt, use Carol as a back-up. She accepts PayPal, so it's a seamless transaction. Best of luck!