who is carlos santana?

  1. they have shoes by carlos santana at some stores... they're not cheapo but not that expensive either... what is this brand about?
  2. thanks. i thought of the singer when i first saw the brand but said, "couldn't be.." i guess it could!

    anyways, i bought a pair of black pointy toe heels at macy's this past weekend for $44! they're on the site for $97 still!

    they're pretty comfy!
  3. They're by Carlos Santana, the guitarist. From what I understand, the profits from the shoes go to charity. I have two pairs and I like them. Cute, but don't break the bank.
  4. Which ones did you get? I have a pair of his Wicked and Prospect styles and I LOVE them both. Comfy, sexy and not too much!
  5. I LOVE LOVE his shoes. I have a pair of ankle boots and they are super comfy. I got them at DSW for 80, on the site they are over 120!
  6. I LOVE his shoes -- they are so super comfy & fit my feet perfectly. I have never had heels so easy to walk around in all day:yahoo:
  7. They often have his shoes on good sale @ Macy's.

    He makes some REALLY cute heels. I love the mint green leopard ones that they just came out with.
  8. He is an amazing musician and human being and a portion of the $$ spent on those very cute shoes goes to his milagro foundation that helps children around the world.
  9. as comfy as they are, 9 hours of work + shopping trip = feet hurt like crazy..
  10. I think my mom had a pair of his shoes once..she loved the way they looked but they didn't fit her right so she had to return them.
  11. I never knew it was him until recently! I like some of his shoes!
  12. I love his shoes! I didn't know that profits go to charity. Thats great!
  13. That is correct. I think his shoes are fantastic deals considering other brands costing hundreds. I had brought a pair of S Rossi shoes and a month later, I saw CS had the same shoe for way cheaper.