Who is buying what with the new stuff out?

  1. I'm on a ban (not sure when it will end, but it's self-imposed!), so I must continue to live vicariously through you ladies.

    With all the new stuff out, what are you planning on spending your hard earned cash on?

    Thanks in advance for the eye candy!
  2. I'm just holding out until fall for that Bleeker Flap, it's nice to have a respite!
    888964538_fa40fc0cd7.jpg coachbleeker.jpg
  3. Entheos--aren't those colors gorgeous??!! It can be hard to wait, but oftentimes, it is definitely worth the wait!!
  4. OMG! :wtf: Do I spy a red Carly?
  5. red Carly for me
  6. Oh. I'm sorry. Just thrown off. I'm planning on getting that yummy new red signature flap wristlet tomorrow. :drool:
  7. I LOVE that color combo--it pops!
  8. I'm dying to get the Leigh signature flap.
  9. I'm in for a red Carly.
  10. I would totally get the red carly if I hadn't fallen for the black ones. That color certainly is tempting in the leather tho. *_*
  11. I think the new reds are totally yummy. But I'm sucker for reds.
  12. Me Too!
  13. OOOh, Red Carly. I neeed a red bag and the red patent just didn't do it for me. I hope it's NOT patent!!!
  14. I just received my Turnlock Agenda in Punch...it's gorgeous!
  15. I need to try on the Gigi! It looks so cute!