Who is Billy Porter?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I know there was a man by the Name of Billy Porter from the R&B scene but is that the Same Billy Porter that wear a dress to an awards show? Thank you

    The first video is the R& B Billy Porter

    and is this Billy Porter the same guy

    thank you
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  5. Why wouldn’t he be the same person? I’m so confused.
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  7. All the same Billy Porter, he just went through an evolution as an artist like many others do. I love him!
  8. Oh okay. Thanks dear. I see now. It is the same person. Wow what a big change.
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  9. That was a major evolution
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    Unfortunately in 1997 when Billy released Show Me, many artists feared to live openly. Thank goodness times have changed and some people no longer fear living openly. I am happy that he and others are living their lives as they wish without fear. Billy is an amazing actor and performer. I love his confidence regardless of what he chooses to wear. He uses his platform to empower others to live openly without fear or intimidation. Sometimes the world can be so cruel but I always choose to lead with love and acceptance. The category is LOVE!
  11. Plus he is a great actor.
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  12. Lovely post made by Billy on Instagram today, reminded me of this post and how he’s had to hide his true self for many years.

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  13. “Your gift will make room for you.” All facts!