Who is behind atelier naff ?

  1. sorry if it is a stupid question.. seeing how it has become almost the definitive guide to B... :yes:
  2. Our beloved Louisey Peasey is the author. She's a member of this forum as well...Maybe she's a cousin of Nicholas :drool: or an ex-assistant :nuts: because she knows a lot about Balenciaga :graucho: ...

    I adore and :heart: her.... without her blog, I would have been scammed and own tons of fakes already without me knowing it...
  3. :yes: :yes: I agree. Thanks LP your blog is my bible :heart:
  4. All I know is that the site belongs to Louisey Peasey in the forum; I don't know anything else about her. Here are some of my guesses, though:

    1) She's in the bag industry -- she sees bags, gets bags and posts photos of bags WELL in advance of the trends.

    2) She has a closet the size of a football stadium -- she has to! All those bags take up a lot of room!

    3) She accumulates more frequent flyer miles than anyone else here -- she always seems to be in Italy looking bags, or in Paris looking at bags, etc.

    4) She has a background in fashion design -- her attention to detail when it comes to bags is astounding. Just take a look at the Fendi Spy piece on her site now! It's so thorough, as if she were documenting an archaeological dig!

    Louisey Peasey, if you have a minute, come tell us all a little more about yourself. You've saved us all THOUSANDS of dollars by giving us authentication tools. And I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  5. Louisey Peasey is my new idol. Being a relative newcomer to this site, she has been kind enough to weigh in on an authentication question that I had, and she was right on the money. I asked her a follow up question, and she responded so quickly and kindly. I asked her if she had an e-mail address so that I could send her a contribution to her ateliernaff site (like lavasoft and other websites do). She said that it was not necessary at all to do that. She said that if I did want to send something, to check out Kiva.org - Loans that change lives. So, I did, and I made a contribution there. Check it out girls. For all Louisey Peasey does for us, let's do this for her! Plus this organization is so great.
  6. Thanks, Louisey Peasey, for such an informative site! I didn't realize that I had a latent Bbag fixation until I became active on tPF, and the knowledge that her site imparts is priceless.

    Will check out kiva.org right now...
  7. 5) She's sweeter than pie! She always responds to email questions.

    6) She's got an exclusive, sweet hookup with Rogue Escape, origin of those great pods. (Thanks, BTW)

  8. I totally agree :yes: !! I appreciate Louiseys knowledge, her investigations, all very very informative tips :tender: - and at most I LOVE her self, she's a very lovely and helpful friend :heart: - I don't want miss her anymore :love:
  9. I think her site is wonderful. It has been an enormous help to me in my quest to acquire more bags, but it has also helped feed my addiction! :nuts: I want to thank her has well.
  10. i love LP!!! :party:
  11. Louisey is a saint. Without naff I can't even begin to imagine how many of us might be posting pics of our new, but unknowingly, fake bbags.
    Thank you for all of the work you put into atelier.naff Louisey. I use it almost daily, sometimes several times a day. You are the BEST! :love:
  12. LP is the best of the 'bestest" ! I have this site saved as my favorites! Thanks LP ! :heart:
  13. Ah since I started on my conquest to get a huge bbag family; I have been using the site daily; it is really is a godsend!!
    Thanks so muck Louisey!:love:
  14. she is! I think all of us here can agree we would be lost without her great website.

    Thanks again! You make me want to buy more bags!
  15. I have had this thought very often, and I am glad I can finally say it out loud: I absolutely agree with Powderpuff and all the others, and I thank Louise Peasey from the bottom of my heart, for all what she has done for all of us, for all the money she has saved us, for all the knownledge and education we have gotten from her, and for being so nice to everybody. I feel very respectful towards her precious and invaluable knownledge.

    Of course her blog is saved in my favourites. I think about you almost every time I see a Balenciaga and I proudly can determine if it's true or if it's a fake. I think about you every time I have to figure out something specific about such as a color from a certain year, or a detail in a specific style... which all in all makes me thinking more about LP than about men(:wtf: ). That's worrying!

    Thanks for your time LP, I really appreciate ateliernaff, you are doing such a great and useful job!