Who is BagsDirect????Solicitation???

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  1. Moderators...I think someone is breaking the rules here.
  2. Report em then. I have several times. Seems they're a bit slow today as this joker has managed to post 60 messages flogging their fake tat
  3. DUDE I KNOW like every thread i'm subscribed to got hit... SOME OF MY THREADS GOT HIT TWICE!

  4. How do we report them?
  5. Spamming scum. I'm so sick of it. My email accounts full of it, my eBay accounts full of it. :mad::censor:
  6. what weirdos!

  7. click on the warning triangle under their username.
  8. :dftt:
  9. I just reported it...It's so annoying!!
  10. ME TOO
  11. And gone! Poof!
  12. Is He 'sofa king banned?' :yes:
  13. I took care of them. . .
    in the future, there's nbo need to start threads like this, simply "Report Post" and we'll get it:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.