Who is BagLadie??

  1. I couldn't resist! You said you would die happy if someone posted a who's thread about you and well of course I want that for you! I think you are so funny and I just love your posts. I'm happy to see you back posting, I know summer's busy for you w/ the kids and all.

    Ok, sorry for distracting everyone from LV there for a bit! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!
  2. ok, i thiink she might have had a heart attack so the question should be who was bagladie
  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL SPECIAL!!!!!! *THUD* :shocked:
  4. Oh no Bagladie!!!

    It's ok I've been playing Wii Trama centre I know what to do

    BBBBBEEEEEPPPPPPP CLEAR!!! .......beep....beep....beep
  5. if a new member joined now i think they might presume we like a drink...or two.
  6. Did you get any pizza yet in the John 5 thread?
  7. Lol!
  8. I just have to say I love you guys. To all those that have just joined this forum and are enquiring about LV............we like to have cocktail hour every Tuesday night around this time. This too shall pass. *Picks up piece of pizza*

  9. Is that a good game? Need a new one for my wii. Ever tried marble mania?

    BTW....When's the pizza coming?
  10. You are special!!

    And so are all you tpf'ers! maybe not as special as BagLadie, this is her thread after all!

    pursegrrl, I like eggplant on my pizza!
  11. Hey we've got a few slices left of the veggie...come on over!

  12. PIzza in the John thread HURRY!

    BTW Trama centre is good but I don't think anyone would want to go under my knife :p Haven't tried marble mania
  13. As long as there's no peppers on it! lol
  14. This is monumental guys. I have my own thread. I must add to it everyday to keep it going and on the first page. I shall not let this thread die and become forgotten! :cool:
  15. hello...anyone wants to know who I am? :cry: