Who is away from home this Christmas?

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  1. I will be serving overseas this Christmas.
    Miss all the lights, decorations and the family being together.
    Its joyless sand, sand and more sand, where I am.
  2. Well one things for sure chanelbaby beside your family thinking about you, you have all of us!! where do you live, well have christmas in july when you come back!!
  3. That's where I'll be next year, so it's kind of weird this season knowing it will be a couple years. The weird thing is this is the year that our families decide not to care about the holidays and do anything normally (like the amt. of food and decorations and such) and so it just feels ODD.

    Thanks for being there, pm me if you need anything or give me your addy and I'll send you a care package :graucho: Now that I think about it that's a much better idea!!!! DO THAT!
  4. Candace you are soooo nice!!
  5. :shame:
    In this case I can't help it because I LOOOOOVE taking care of deployed servicemembers, it's how I fell in love with DH and I can't stand to hear of my own comrades going without the love. You know?
  6. I made sure that I'd schedule my vacay the week before Christmas. My parents aren't very big on holidays but I want my little sister to have company.