Who is awaiting...

  1. a Chloe bag???? I am! I am anxiously waiting to join the Chloe club!:yahoo: I even overnighted a MO to the seller! She should ship today but did not hear from her yet!:crybaby:
    What are you waiting for?
  2. My anthracite is on its way:P !!
  3. i've been bad, waiting for 3 and none of them are the medium paddy style so i'm very excited!

    I am expecting them next tuesday
  4. ^^^^ don't worry, it should come soon zacorey :flowers: I hope you get it before the weekend!!! :yahoo:
  5. Thanks D&G!!!!!!!!:flowers: I hate waiting! LOL Can't wait to find out what 3 Chloe's you're getting!!!:nuts:
  6. I am waiting for a new addition to my Chloe family :rolleyes:

    (other than Rouge - LOL!!)
  7. I am just waiting to see what everyone gets, and to see LOTS of pics!!!!
  8. I am waiting to find the perfect whiskey paddy bag :whistle:
    She is out there somewhere.
  9. Hey Zac, what bag did you buy?!?!

  10. ^^^I bought the khaki large north/south hobo on eBay!!!!!!:yahoo:
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