Who Invented the Wheel? Hubby's ans: "A woman with handbags!"

  1. Last night we had our friends over for dinner and they were good naturedly teasing me about my handbag addiction/affliction.

    Later we had a discussion about who invented the wheel (most likely) and my gal pal and I said "women" because the men were hunters and invented spears etc. and women were gatherers and had to haul stuff around.

    My hubby piped up "No it was like this: a woman said "Honey, I have nowhere to put my latest Saber tooth handbag and I just got a new Mammoth hair handbag.....can you invent something to haul them to a new storage cave?"

    LOL :roflmfao: Ain't he cute??! :heart: :p
  2. haha... that is very cute of him....
    Men probably did invite the wheel because women want them... hehe
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. SO cute!

  5. :lol: CUTE!!!