Who introduced you to Hermes. The Story of First Loves

  1. okay..so we all love Hermes.

    but lets talk about You B.H (before Hermes)

    what was it like? What else did you buy? and tell me about your transformation. Was it curiosity walking into the store, etc. Tell stories when Hermes first popped.

    My Story:

    Balenciaga several years ago...and that lead to several other bags....YSL bags, Fendi bags, Chloe bags, etc etc etc.

    My friend kept saying hey you should get a birkin seriously. The quality, etc. She lives in Chicago...and I never got to see her birkin or her kelly. She would send me pics...but I just didn't 100% get it.

    Her talking about it to me....started getting me thinking a little. I started looking at pics on eBay, etc.

    I never really understood how you carried it, etc because alot of times when celebs carry birkins they just look like a mess, etc.

    I just decided to get the courage up and go into the store and talk to the SA I had talked on the phone to. She was so nice. We went over things and I left with a few raisin things...that was my decided bag.

    I took a trip to NYC after that and went shopping. My husband's friend tagged along with me...and we went into Hermes. They had a dark green HAC 32 in the store. I got to see it, etc but he made a fuss of the price....and I was not ready to just do it.

    I started telling myself no, I just can't spend the money. A few weeks after that I got a call about a chartreuse birkin...but I didn't let myself go into the store because I knew it was not what I wanted...and I didn't want to be tempted.

    then...the call. a client...that ordered my raisin had moved out of the country. She wanted the bag but it could not be shipped.

    so it was my turn. I went in...thinking I just want to see it...to see what the fuss is about.

    she pulled the bag out...and as the bag was just showing a little skin...basically topless not totally exposed...I said I WILL TAKE IT!

    it was beautiful. I got it in that second...and I fell in love and fell hard.

    I sold all my other bags I had collected...and I have had the fever ever since.

    and you?
  2. It was Grace Kelly. After that, my first year in NYC as a student, while I was waiting for the subway, this elegant blonde walked onto the platform with the most beautuful Kelly I had ever seen. A sellier gold peau porc Kelly. The most beautiful bag I had ever seen IRL. Fast forward a few years and I bought one having fallen in love at first sight with her. After holding her, it was fireworks.
  3. ^^^started LUSTING for HERMES after "YOU KNOW WHO" talked about them, and my great aunt who use to carry a Black Box Constance....after that it has been LOVE after my HAC Chevre purchase:heart:

    I still like a few of my classic Chanels, but haven't bought another brand since:smile:
  4. I started with Coach, then LV, and one Balenciaga. In each of my phases, I cruised the related area of TPF, and would occasionally stop in at the Hermes section out of curiousity. No H boutique anywhere near me, couldn't see an actual bag, so no chance to get hooked. Figured it was just as well.
    Then with a trip coming up to Hawaii, thought "Hmmmm, what if I found a birkin at the store?". Before going, I met a pf member to see her birkin--I wanted to know if I needed to start saving and dreaming. I was hooked. Told my husband, showed him pictures and for two weeks straight he kept encouraging me to buy the one I wanted (from a reseller) and not to wait or hope to stumble across one.
    Yesterday my very own birkin arrived on my doorstep and I'm making plans to sell many of my other bags!
  5. My husband bought me a a clic clac for before you walk down the aisle gift.
    There are no pics of me in my wedding gown with the clic clac :sad:

    since then I have been bitten by the H bug.
  6. Guccigal, my BB twin, I was introduced by the wondeful gals here! I am a Chanel gal and have collected Chanel for awhile. I live in the boonies of NY and had never even seen a Hermes bag! I started to peek into the H board every once in awhile and looked at the reference material (leathers, colors, etc) to educate myself. I noticed a thread about some of the Jersey gals meeting for lunch and asked if they would mind if I joined in. Ofcourse they graciously allowed me to crash the lunch. So I met the lovely Rose, Ninja Sue, POTH (where has she been lately?), and Minnie. I sat next to Rose and her lovely Kelly bag and was just drawn in by the amazing craftmanship. I knew immediately that I had to have one!! I purchased my first Kelly and Birkin resale and realized that atleast for now, I am a Birkin Gal! Now I can't get enough! I eventually sold my Kelly and now only have a 35 black clemence (the transvestite--alittle bull who behaves like a calf) and my 30 BB (purchased when Rose took me under her wing and brought me for my first H visit)! I love raisin and can't wait to get one! Also on my list is a chocolate or ebene with gh! Yum!
  7. I'm not sure when I got the bug...but I've got it. My 1st Birkin purchase was 5 years ago. I've always loved handbags...I've bought so many, it isn't even funny. My sister tells me that I need a 12 step program. Of course, since she is the receipient of ones that I replace...when I feel guilty...she doesn't say too much. I've bought Tods, Chanel, LV, Fendi, Chloe, Prada, Gucci, you name it...I've probably bought it...or come close. But, I always go back to my Hermes bags. There are some that I like more than others. But, if nothing else...I think they are part of my daughter's legacy. (Not anytime soon I hope.) Elizabeth K...I'm 5'7" I don't have any pictures...but I have 2 35cm Birkins...and I am waiting for a 30cm. I've just tried it on in the store...but it's a cute size. I have a Kelly, but truthfully, I'm not certain what the size it. I just know that it drives me crazy since I have to pare down what I put into it.
  8. I somehow decided, from seeing in magazines maybe (?Elle MacPherson) about 10 years ago that I wanted a Birkin. I knew nothing. NOTHING. I started trolling eBay and within a year, acquired a vintage Kelly and learned an absurd amount about a mythical bag I had never seen IRL or touched. A year or so later, a chance meeting with a nice Birkin-carrying woman in an international airport led to a name at FSH, and that was where it all began...
  9. I knew about the Kelly from reading about Grace Kelly. I have always loved the look of the Kelly but didn't know how to go about getting one and thought it cost too much and didn't suit my lifestyle anyway.
    Then one day, a dear friend from work told me about her love of Hermes. She had two Birkins and a Kelly that she bought in Paris. On a whim I stopped by Hermes, but the SA wasn't nice and I was unimpressed. A couple of weeks later, I had an hour to kill and decided to go in just after buying something from Chanel. This time, it was a different SA who was so nice and showed me a couple of Kellys that he said his clients had just turned down. I didn't like either one, so he asked me what I wanted to order and just like that, nine months later I got my first Kelly.
    Several years and several Kellys later I am totally hooked. Now I can't even imagine using anything else.
    I have not gotten bitten by the Birkin bug which is probably a good thing. My SA talks about trying other H bags but I am so in love with the Kelly that I don't know if I could ever be persuaded.
  10. I started small, with a scarf that my DH surprised me with when he returned from a business trip. Shortly after, he took me to Paris and to FSH to chose another scarf and scarf ring. Many scarves followed, and finally a classic Black Box Kelly. Getting that Kelly was like taking a bite of THAT apple, and there was no turning back.
  11. I love all these story. So seductive and amazing. Hermes....my drug of choice! I just love them!

    keep them coming! its so nice to know how we all got brought together here...from all over the world by Hermes.

    Rockerchic...I hope you get a raising and we would be double twins...!!!
  12. It was JPG.
    First I saw what he did with the iconic Birkin.:love:
    Then the Kelly.:girlsigh:
    The Trim was a complete accident.:p

    Suffice it to say that I've been hooked for life.

    Especially after viewing their cr:heart: cs!
  13. I think I've always been aware of Hermes. My mother was a model and when I was a girl in the 70s, I had access to her incredible wardrobe. Of course, I didn't realise it was incredible as it was just Mum's but I do remember the orange bags and boxes that leapt out at me amongst everything.

    As I grew up, I always had a weakness for, and interest in, handbags but Hermes was not on my list when I was younger. Then one day I was driving past the boutique in London and did a double take, nearly crashed and went back to check out the window of a store that had the most divine items in it . . . yep, it was Hermes.

    I am a real bookworm who always does her research, so for several years, I read about and yearned for Hermes, but thought the prices were just too high to justify. All the while I was compromising with some gorgeous bags from variously Anya Hindmarch, LV, Tods, Mulberry, Luella and even a flirtation with Balenciaga. It is only recently I realised these were compromise bags and decided I am old enough and have thought about it long enough to invest in my dream bag.

    Having bought the Birkin, it no longer seems an extravagance because I have used it every day and know this is my bag for life. Indeed, I am planning a smaller, neutral Birkin too for more casual/Spring/Summer events and I am no longer concerned about spending the money because I realise what value I will get from the purchase.

    Sorry, what a ramble - I'm off now!
  14. For as long as I remember, my mother would wear a carré around her neck on special occasions. It would be her signature. One carré, a splash of whichever Guerlain scent had caught her fancy (usually Mitsouko) and a classic outfit.

    The real kicker came when I found that she had loads of scarves and a Rio clutch (unfortunatly, after she'd died).

    So I guess I wanted to find out more about the brand that had fascinated her into buying so many bits of silk, since my mother was not the needlessly-spendy type.
  15. MillStream, I've always enjoyed the heartwarming story of you and your DH and Hermes.