Who inspired your LV obsession/collection?


Perhaps, Love?
Feb 25, 2006
Falling in love with LV is inevitable:love: , but who is the person that inspired you?

For me it's my cousins! We have 5 very girly girls in my family and we love to go out shopping together. We are each other's partner in crime and luckily we all have very different tastes in our LVs so we can always borrow things from each other's closet!

what about yours?
i blame my coming out of the closet and my [at the time] new and fabulous friends. they were really into dior and LV and got me hooked.. but i went beyond and started to study the fake/real and went on to do gucci, burberry, and prada.. but i've always and will always be an LV guy. haha.
No one really inspired me....I just remember seeing the CB line and absolutely pining over a pink/pink pochette! I remember talking about it with my bf and him choking over the fact that I was in love with a $700 bag...
Since the day I saw so many ladies here from the auntie to the teenage girl so crazed towards LV speedy. Everywhere I go, I see the LV speedy. My mum too, inspired by her.
My friend. She kept raving about them and said that she'll purchase one once she racked up enough overtime. :lol:
She talked about it so often, I had to check it out for myself. At first, the monogram didn't appeal to me -- I thought it was boring. What an ignorant fool I was! :shame:
I am now the proud owner of a pouchette, batignolles, and a speedy 25. I also have the Ludlow wallet and the wapity.
And they're all in monogram. :biggrin:
Gradual love, I always thought that the pattern was tacky when I was younger since everyone seemed to have one, but I grew to love Mr. V so !
No one actually. I pretty much ignored the line until I--literally--went to every store in Lenox Square that sold wallets looking for a particular style. I'd gotten addicted to a smaller wallet when I used one that was a bonus purchase with the designer fragrance that Avon used to sell. It was leather, had a simple drop in section for bills and change on one side, and a pocket on the other for my train pass and IDs. God how much I loved that wallet, but like most leathers, it finally gave up and needed to be replaced.

I walked into LV as a last resort just to see if they had anything, and there it was (very similar to today's Tresor but without the pockets in the top flap). The monogram didn't turn me on, but it was a perfect style, and I nearly fell over as I pulled out my card to pay $175 for the thing. By the time I sold the line, I was a total convert, and it's all because the stuff wears like iron. To this day I regret not getting a Keepall 50 due to that 30% discount. :biggrin:
i fell in love with LV when i saw a picture of the petite bucket. it was sorty of slouchy with a gorgeous honey-colored patina. it looked like a piece of art. i couldn't believe it could be a purse. how the monogram colors just go perfectly with the aged vachetta. it's so classy and beautiful. i just recently came across a picture similar to the one i saw a couple years ago but i can't seem to find it.