Who in here was looking for a Kooba Jillian in Bourbon???

  1. I'd hate for this post to get lost because a person even PM'd me about helping finding this bag. But there is soooo many of you...LOL. I can't remember my 7 cats names quickly!
    Anyone remember who mentioned wanting a Jillian in one of the Kooba threads?
  2. Another reason why a Kooba sub-forum would be helpful.:smile:

    It was Compass Rose
  3. Lexie! Seven cats? Oh, my! My one Bengal Amy is about all I can handle as she is such a busy girl.
  4. LOL I agree.

    Great find, Lexie.
  5. The Kooba sub forum thread is in the DropBox forum if anyone wants to go in and put their 2 cents in.