Who I Saw In NYC.....

  1. Just got back from the Big Apple and here's who I met/saw: the star of Beauty And The Beast who plays Chelsea on That's So Raven, Merideth Viera at 30 Rock, Misha Barton at Macy's, Joan Rivers after her show, one of those twin Zach and Cody brothers at Virgin Megastore Times Square and some CNN anchor.
  2. Oh good for you. I have seen Joan Rivers in person and let me tell you, that is one scary looking woman.
  3. Congrats on your celeb. sightings. I didn't know she was in Beauty & the Beast. I think her name is Annelise, forgot her last name.
  4. Oh wow. I met Liberty x once (British band) LOL :smile: Don't see any celebs round here :sad:
  5. Actually Joan Rivers looked quite stunning! I was expecting the worse but after the show I waited for her and she took a photo with me and gave me an autograph and a hug.....her skin was flawless and her eyes were very pretty.
  6. You know, my MIL said the same thing...then again she is a PS ho also. LOL

  7. Cool. Good for you ! :yes:
  8. that's so cool, good for ya. :smile:
  9. Whoa! I lived in NY for over 20 years and never saw that many celebs at one time!

    I did bump into P Diddy, Donald Trump, Billy Joel, Rosie O'Donnell, and Will Smith, but that was over the course of many years. Consider yourself very lucky!
  10. Oooh, lucky you! Joan Rivers, eh? if I ever saw her in person, I'd run away!
  11. yea seriously thats amazing im a new yorker my whole 23 years (well brooklynite but were not far away ;) ) and ive only seen Chris Rock, Mos Def(rapper for those who dont know his name), Mariska Hargitay(law and order svu), and Jouquin Phoenix (i have no ideaa how to spell his 1st name)
    hmm i feel like that could be it

    oh oh and sarah jessica parker (she was shooting a movie @ my college)

    so to see all those ppl in one trip AMAZING!
  12. Well Joan and the Raven actress were easy because I was at their shows....and being at 30 Rock right after the Today show films in the morning made it easy for a Meredith sighting and of course Misha was at the Keds signing so I put myself in places to see the celebs!!!! There was a lot of paparazzi hanging around the West Village and SoHo.
  13. i agree .. ive lived in the NYC area for over 25 yrs and havent seen that many ppl .. so far matt damon , olivia something ( old vj from mtv) , fantasia , some guy from real world hawaii , another mtv vj , daisy fuentes , cindy crawford , eva longoria , nicole miller , diddy , vera wang , ll cool j , dayanara torez , marc anthony .. in 25 yrs ..!