Who HOoo 1000 posts finally

  1. Wow it only took me five or so months to get here;) I was very shy at first when I joined I use to lurk then I started posting and joining in and couldn't stop:nuts: This place has become my home on the internet. Thanks guys for such an "awesome" place. My hubby always like " Is that the only thing you do on the computer?":upsidedown: He says he is going to make the computer block anything with the word "purse" in it:lol: Thanks again Vlad and Megs

  2. Congrats!!:wlae: :yahoo:
  3. LOL Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats, and LOL at your hubby.
  5. that's quite an accomplishment.. congrats..
  6. congrats, ia m gettin there myself :smile:
  7. Grats! I've only been here for a few days and I'm hooked to the forum! lol
  8. Congrats!!:yahoo: I'm almost there...LOL! :sweatdrop: Heehee!
  9. Congrats!!! We have loved having you for all 1,000 of them!! :party:
  10. Congrats
  11. Congrats!!! :party:
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
  15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONGRATULATIONS ! You are now nearly the same as me :nuts:. Ive so enjoyed our posting together, you are a member that I allways remeber ! :flowers:

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