Who Hoo! My new baby Shih Tzu! Finally!!

  1. After months of searching & waiting for the perfect puppy to come my way, I'd like to show you my new baby! His name is Bentley & he's 9 weeks old. I will be picking him up Sunday :yahoo: I'm SO excited!! Hubby's out of town, boy won't he be surprised!


    It was totally meant to be. I was already on a waiting list for an upcoming litter when tonight, I find out that Bentley was just returned to the breeder due to the owner having allergies. Even better, the breeder is 3 hours from me BUT it just so happens that they are delivering a pup to someone else in my hometown Sunday so they are just going to bring him too.
  2. Aww, Bentley, you are so cute!! Acegirl, you must be so anxious to get him in your home. He's a darling.
  3. He's gorgeous:love: ! Just like a stuffed animal..Where do you put the batteries? :p
  4. CUTE! is Bentley a mix?
  5. No, he's full blooded. :yes:

    Check out their past puppies.. I had such fun looking at these!

    Past Casan Puppies
  6. Bentley is absolutely adorable!:love: Congrats on your new baby!
  7. AWWW...Congratulations! I have one too she is 9 now! Simply precious!
  8. Sooooooo cute!!:love: Congrats!!!:yes:
  9. Thanks everyone, I just want to give him kisses :love: If only my husband & kids were as excited! (well, they are but I'm into a puppy frenzy!)
  10. aww yay!!! Congrats! you get him tomorrow!! :smile:
  11. So cute!!!
  12. congrats, so adorable
  13. What a face!! Lucky girl, congrats!!!
  14. he is soo adorable ;)
    I have a shih tzu also, and am in the process of trying to convince my fiance to get another one.
  15. Thanks! Here's another pic..(can't you tell I'm in love!?) For not having a dog in 15 years, I can't imagine a better pup to have. He didn't have 1 accident in the house. During the day, he didn't go on the pee pad so I took him outside. He pottied every time I took him out. Last night, I didn't get up with him. When I got up this moring, he had peed & poo'd on his wee pad. No where else! He's loves his stuffed monkey we got him. Such fun~ I so wish I would have gotten 2 now!