WHO HOO! I got my Mono Mizi!

  1. Wow!!! Nice find!!! Good luck with it and enjoy!!!
  2. Congrats! Post when you receive it!
  3. woow ... very nice ... pic's ASAP ;)
  4. beautiful bag !! Congrats
  5. WOW ! Lucky girl. That is probably my favorite of all the newer mono bags released in the past year. I would love one. I saw someone carrying one yesterday and I was just dying of purse envy.

    Congrats on your find. !
  6. I have this bag and love it so much that I have not even carried it out yet. LOL :lol: :P

    I just about passed out when I saw how much you bought it for.

    You got a GREAT deal. The seller must have been out of her mind :wacko:

    Her loss, your gain. Congrats!!
  7. Congrats! Love that bag!
  8. I LOVE this bag! WTG!
  9. Great bag and great price too... congrats.. post pix when u get it.
  10. I love the Mizi. It is so hard to get hold of. Congrats!!
  11. I LOVE The Mono Mizi!!! I'm So Happy For You! ENJOY!
  12. Wow nice, good price and excellent condition
  13. WOW what a great price!
  14. gorgeous!! you got an amazing deal. enjoy your new bag!