Who here was looking for a Chocolate (ebene) Birkin?

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  1. THank you for posting that Japster! I am definitely one of the girls looking for a chocolate birkin! But cannot buy right this second, otherwise, this one is GORGEOUS!

    Question for all the ladies with courcheval and/or togo- which do you prefer- togo or this leather? Pros and cons???
  2. Wow they have a new bag on jemznjewels? Gotta check out the site. I like looking at their offerings.
  3. well togo is softer more squishy while courchevel is the leather that was replaced by epsom. it is a structured thinner pressed leather that holds its shape quite well(some don´t like the feel of it though) and colours appear lighter on it as you can see here ebene on togo is brown-black like ebony and here it i milkchocolate.
  4. Agreed, Nathansgirl! AND she's got a few nice Constance bags too. The only thing I wish she'd do is update her site more often. She's got bags on there that I KNOW have been sold already....just get's me drooling too much, you know?

    I saw that Chocolate Birkin too last night....very, very pretty!
  5. Thank you Lilach!!!:flowers: I think I prefer the chocolate in togo- just looks richer!
  6. I agree, Lilach....I'm not a fan of Epson leather and still on the fence about Corchevel at the moment. I'd like to see it IRL.....
  7. I think this is a beautiful bag, but I prefer the color on togo as well. It is so true that you need to see these bags in person.
  8. The problem I have with courchevel is that with time, it tended to separate from its lining and air bubbles would sometimes form.
  9. Japster, what a lovely Birkin - the Courchevel was replaced by Epsom a couple of years ago which holds up better than Courchevel (probs with wear on corners on the Courchevel). Epsom is a lovely leather and initially the chocolate on Epsom (not courchevel) is almost matt in appearance.

    This bag however is not Ebene in my view, it looks more like chocolate - Ebene is a much darker colour, almost black/brown depending on the leather. Here's a couple of examples - the first one is an Ebene Clemence 30cm which I have not yet listed and the second is a Ebene Barenia Picotin MM .... both leathers are of course different, however they have both captured the dye in the true Ebene hue

  10. That's a beautiful Birkin flossy!!
  11. Thanks Whispa, only managed to get around to taking the photos last night - hope to list in the next week or so .... I now have this exact same Birkin in the 35cm which I prefer for my needs

    The colour really is TD4, I adore ebene
  12. OMG! Flossy, I love love love your ebene clemence - it is soo rich! THank you for posting those pics- you are always so helpful!
  13. flossy - please let us know when you list it! :o)
  14. I think you are right. I have seen both in person and I agree...By the way...wow georgeous bags love them!
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