who here uses the old school leather LV bags that don't patina...

  1. you know, the ones that don't patina and were just dark from the beginning! Do you get weird looks from people?
  2. I'm not really a fan.. like the papillon trimmed with the pigskin or the French Co. speedies right ? I like the lighter vachetta much more !
  3. I have two French Company Mono Speedys - 25 & 30 - done with treated leather, and a Mono Pap 26 with the dark cowhide leather (like the interior leather of the Paps).

    I do get looks from people, but I don't know if they are looking at the fact they are LVs or are wondering if they are fake b/c of the leather.

    Either way, I don't care... I can take them out in the rain or snow and never have to worry. I know they are real and that's what counts! :yes:
  4. I dont really like the old leather, it's not as appealing as the lighter vachetta that will eventually patina.:biggrin::yes:
  5. I saw one once at the Tysons NM LV counter, and the SA knew exactly that it was one of those bags and said so to the lady carrying it. (I had wondered if it was a fake but was glad to hear that it was legit!)
  6. Not very appealing to me but I wouldn't mind owning one!
  7. I have a vintage Sac Weekend with the dyed leather trim. I love it - no worries about waterspots, and the interior is lined in luxe leather.