Who here owns rats?

  1. Hi girls! I'm just wondering if there's anyone here who has had the pleasure of owning a rat sometime in their lives! I've owned them for about 4 years now. At my peak I had 8 boys at once. They make such wonderful pets. Right now we have two babies who are just CRAZY about us. It was my first experience getting them from an actual breeder and I must say I can tell the difference. They're so well socialized. My cats are scared of them so I get to leave the cage door open all the time. Whenever they get out they always run to me or Fred anyways. :graucho:The both lovvve to climb all over my kitten Titus. Eeep! Any other rat owners out there?
  2. My aunt used to have 2 rats. They are very smart and do make good pets. :smile:
  3. i don't have them but know people that do. they're soo cute! they loved to climb around my neck.
  4. one of my girlfriends had an albino named Ghost. he was sweet, and as smart or smarter than my cats.
  5. I had a MOUSE.. doesn't really count, but I like rats way better!!! They ARE intelligent too!
  6. During my first year of college, I had a pet rat. I rescued her from my sorority president's pet snakes :wtf: . She was the best pet for a dorm room and eventually in an apartment. She was trained to only potty in her cage. The only thing I couldn't get her to stop doing was chewing on the corners of my wooden dresser. I guess it was just too much temptation for her to take :yes: . I loved to take her to the cafeteria in my jacket pocket. Her favorite food was Froot Loops. She was so cute holding one of them in her little hands. She lived with me for 3 years, I cried when I had have her put to sleep. She had a stroke as near as we could tell because she lost alot of her mobility on one side. Lilith is fondly remembered.
  7. Oh, I do! I also have two cats though, so I don't have the luxury of keeping their cage open. One of my rats is hairless and the sweetest, softest little thing you ever saw! I think they make great pets, quite clean and people friendly contrary to what most people think. My next door neighbors have a little girl of around ten who is quite obsessed with my little Jane!
  8. I had an albino too named Nic Nack...somehow she got away one day and I haven't seen her since...i always think about her & hope she's ok

    its so funny candy that you love rats and so does tori amos..u look just like her!!
  9. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! I love rats!!!

    I currently have two girl rats named Muffin and Cookie, they're super intelligent, friendly and affectionate animals!!!! I've been a rat lover since I was a little girl, I've had 6 all together.
  10. Awww so many rat lovers here!!
    Yeah I have 2 cats too but they're scared of my rats, it's so funny! They are finally old enough to where their personalities are starting to show. Dio is the alpha rat and lovvvves to wrestle with my hand. He gets so excited and darts around the room then pounces my hand again! His brother Klaus is a bit meeker but will play if there's no kitten around to distract him. ;)

    LOL I can't believe I took so long to reply to this!
  11. That's the sweetest story. :love:
  12. How does one potty-train a rat to only go in its cage?

    Now I want a rat!!
  13. I love Rats!!! I had two several years ago and they passed away of natural causes. They are extremely smart! Every time I go to the pet store, I am so tempted...but my boyfriend does not feel the same way. He says there are plenty of rats in the subways I can see everyday (he just doesn't get it!)
  14. You can put a ferret litter pan in your cage. I found what works is you put a different kind of litter in that litter pan and they actually pretty much teach themselves. Getting them not to potty outside the cage is tough. If you have boys especially, they're always "piddling" because they're marking their territory. The alpha rats are TERRIBLE with that. Pooing, it depends on the rat. My old rat Archeon never did that outside the cage. My current 2 boys rarely do but my more timid guy does it more when he's scared lol. I've had rats for so long it just doesn't bother me anymore. :p

    You should get a rat but not from a pet store! They're never handled enough! Get one from a Rescue or a breeder!
  15. i used to, and i really loved them!
    first i had mice, then rats, now a pet skunk! (i guess i have a heart for cute furry rodents). of all the pets i have had, not of the rodentia family, the only other i have really loved to death was a dog. other animals just aren't as..... something.... i dunno. they just lack a certain something.