Who here ordered the damier speedy from elux?

  1. If so, did it give off color transfer. I got a call today from the SA that yes indeed my bag does give off color transfer so they want to give me store credit. She recommended that I don't get the same bag but I love it. Do you think it's weird to take a white t-shirt and test the bags? Do you think they'll refuse? I asked once and they laughed at me and said of course not, but this was before they acknowledged my bag as "defecive." So what should I do now? I would just rather return the bag and order off elux, no tax and ****** but there's a chance that'll be defective too, right?
  2. i ordered off eLuxury, and because i used a red purseket with it from the day it arrived, i never realized the lining was bleeding. i still haven't tested it yet, but i don't bother because i know i'll always use the red pursket with it, so even if it bled it wouldn't matter.

    you can buy a purseket to put inside the bag, so if it has to bleed it would bleed on the pursket and your things won't get stained
  3. what dod u mean by bleeding?
  4. color transfer
  5. I ordered my Damier Speedy from eluxury in June and haven't had any bleeding. I haven't tested it using a white skirt, maybe I should.

    I don't blame you for wanting another one. I love mine. I don't think everyone with a Damier Speedy is having this problem so you'll probably be okay if you just get a replacement. HTH!
  6. i also ordered my damier speedy from eLux and i havent had any bleeding either. I even tested it when the problem was rising with other pfers and no transfer at all.
  7. I am so glad they acknowleged the problem for you, at least that's a start. It certainly took them long enough.
    I know Texasgirl took a white towel into NM and they let her test the bags.
  8. i got mine off eluxury =[, I would get a purseket but i love the semi sag of speedys!
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