Who Here Modifies Their Bags?

  1. I have done my first mod. I really loved the trunks & bags pochette that I bought, but it is way too pretty to just use as an organizer inside my bags. I found the chain a little too dainty, so I modified my bag! I have created a pochette/wapity hybrid. So... show me your bag mods!


  2. Thats cute - never thought of doing that.
  3. the pochette looks great with the wapity strap :tup:
  4. How cool!! The pochette looks really cool with the wapity strap, almost as if it's a wristlet. Btw, not sure if you saw what I said in the other thread but I'm loving your green wall(s)! LOL (and the blue too) haha :lol:
  5. Nothing yet to my pieces.. I am just not that creative !

    I'd love to see what everyone else has done though. :yes:
  6. looks good! very creative.
  7. That looks wonderful great idea!
  8. Oh.. are you the same person with the green walls? Yes, i've seen that wall in other posts and thought it looked great with LV. Nice blue walls tooo!!! And that's a nice new twist to your pochette

  9. Yes (LoL) that's me! Gradco loves his paint. I will have to start taking pictures in my Cayenne room too so that you can see it. I have to paint my walls bright colors to keep my mood light. :roflmfao:. Ralph Lauren & Valspar are my favorite paint brands; courtesy of Lowes's.
  10. ohhh good idea
  11. Very Creative.
    The only thing I ever did was to take the strap from my mini pochette and add the extender to it....voila, instant shoulder chain. Not going to spend $120 for the new one LV is marketing....
  12. Nice!!
  13. i am sure other ppl have CREATIVE ideas..:tup::yes:
  14. very nice!
  15. Thats just weird looking IMO