Food Who here loves Home Slice Pizza - Austin


Jul 7, 2008
I swear this stuff is to die for! I get some everytime I'm down there! The margherita is the best! What's your favorite kind?



Oct 22, 2006
this is sooo funny that you posted this.

I was in Austin last weekend and was taking my son out to dinner. I wanted pizza but then wanted mexican, and I kept changing my mind. My son wanted to take me there, but we decided to flip a coin as to what we were having. It was decided mexican but once we got in the car, he kep mentioning all these places that were really good, so we flipped a coin on which place to go to. On our way to the restuarant, he mentioned Magnolia cafe and one other, so I just said to suprise me. We went to Magnolia and it was good.

He just text me and asked if i wanted to stop and have lunch with him on my way to San Antonio. I said yes and that we were going to have pizza at this place.

Now I am excited.

Flipping coins.....:rolleyes: