Who here knows of Matt and Nat handbags?

  1. I live in Montreal and lately I've been searching around finding new local handbag designers to see if I can get a unique look :smile:


    Matt & Nat design a whole handful of unique handbags from trendy bags to vintage. Does anyone own one? I'm thinking about picking up one this weekend, but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them?

    Thanks in advance you guys!
  2. I just saw some Matt & Nat's IRL at a boutique in Boston yesterday. They are cute and the material (all organic, no leather) is really nice and has a nice feel. The designs are pretty basic, but they are at a really good price.

    Hope that helps a little, good luck on your search. You can find them at lunaboston.com
  3. they're ok... but IMO the price is inflated for PVC. and if u're a leather lover u'd be craving the soft buttery feeel of the real stuff oh too soon...
  4. I saw a girl carrying a yellow Lisa yesterday, I was shocked to find out via here that it wasn't real leather. You would never have know to look at it. Personally I think they are priced OK for non-leather. The design is there and the detail on most of them is very good. What concerns me is how big a deal they make about their pretty crap return policy on their website. It's not a good sign of how long they think their bags will last!
  5. Wow, they're not even real leather. That's craziness. I never would have known. Just goes to show how much I know...

    I definitely think they have cute styles though and I do like supporting local designers. Montreal has a lot of great fashion styles.
  6. i think they are Ok cute, but just too expensive for PVC
  7. I like them but I prefer the real deal when I pay that much for a purse. For 20-50 bucks PVC is fine.
  8. I think they're cute - I really like the Vicious bag in blueberry.

    And as for being overpriced, I don't think they are - let's not forget the stella mccartney handbags that were fake leather and $1500. THAT was overpriced!
  9. they are cute, but i see quite a few styles ending up in tj maxx/marshalls around here.
    imo the retail price is too much for the materials.
  10. I personally own three Matt & Natt purses. They are really great for the weather we have here in Vancouver, but a LOT of people own these bags here in the west coast... Not sure if it's the same in Montreal. I hardly wear it anymore 'cause everybody's got one (...Mostly the jorja fox purse). :s
  11. they have them here in canada at some stores. i like them a lot. i even went to marshall's a couple times in the states to find some of their stuff for less then half the price it was here.