Who here keeps a blog/journal?

  1. great getting to see everyone's blogs! =)
  2. I gave my blog a bit of a clean up. Link is down in my siggy
  3. I blog :smile: Link is in my sig.
  4. I have a blog that I started last spring when I started to train for a triathlon. The intent was to train for one year and do "Iron Girl" next summer, but I ended up doing my first tri back in July.

    I am still blogging (I am down to 2x a month now) and will still do Iron Girl next summer. It is cool to look back on my first few entries to see where I was physically, and how much I have changed over the past 7 months.
  5. ^ That's awesome! That's one thing I like about blogs, I have 2 one to share with others about beauty and fashion (link in down below in signature) and then another that's private just for myself that's kinda like a diary :smile: I love looking back and seeing how much things have changed.
  6. I have a blog and it's in my signature :smile: I'm so happy I found this thread, I'll definitely check out a lot of blogs here!
  7. ^ Your pup is so so adorable!!! I just wanna snuggle him :hugs:
  8. ^aw, thank you:smile: He is a very cuddly littel guy!
  9. I'm glad I found this thread. I just started one last month. Its not about much but the purses I want and other random things. But mines is baglady-crazyforhandbags.blogspot.com I don't blog a lot but I'm trying to do it more this month even though I don't think I'm that good at it. But I would love for you all to look at it and I look at yours. Happy blogging
  10. I checked out your blog ^ You should do picture hauls when you go shopping, or maybe show off your bag collection! :smile: And kudos on career in the fashion industry, that would be an amazing job to have :smile:
  11. I do - it's in my sig.
  12. ^ Your link says page not found. :sad:
  13. Hi everyone!)

    I am a twenty-one-year-old student from St. Petersburg, Russia. This blog is about me and my connection to the world around. I don't consider myself a very fashionable blogger, nor do I tend to be an outstanding person with an utterly interesting life. Still, I have a lot of fun being myself and that's what my blog is dedicated to.

  14. Yup I have one its in my signature
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    Do any of you guys have blogs? I'd love to follow them.

    My blog is: xxx
    ^I blog for Donna Mizani, the designer, pull trends, looks, deals, etc. for her. I'd love for you guys to follow!