Who Here Is An Addict!!!!!!

  1. its not that hard to figure out everyone in this forum in an addict, most of us have lv collections, and just curious, who here has spent the most!!! so get your calculators out n start, how much is your collection worth! and some names if u could

    im getting ready to be :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  2. My collection worth a grand total of $7... gotta love those Canal St. fakes in NYC! LOL... TOTALLY kidding.

    I have spent almost $12,000 on LV in less than a year... getting ready for another $5,000 soon lol. :smile:
  3. LMAO! 7$, ahahaha
  4. ^^^ that was funny! :roflmfao: Only around $3200 here.
  5. hi im caitie and im an lv-aholic.......i have spent about $14,000 in the last 9 mths and am thinking of my next purchase
  6. oh cool, now how to delete this post?