Who here is a WW user?

  1. Hi everybody,

    When I still lived in America, I was on WW and lost around 25lbs. Now that I'm living in Germany, I'm finding it a bit more difficult to stick to the German plan, mainly because I don't understand the nutrition system here. I don't know how much a "serving size" is and how many points are per "serving size". Everything here goes "x number of calories / 100 grams". UGH! So anyway, I'm also having trouble getting back on the train and I thought it would be fun if all of the WW ladies (and guys??????) would be able to keep eachother in check, maybe about once a week or so on here?

    IDK, what do you all think?
  2. i'd love to do that - i've lost 23.4 pounds so far this summer on WW and i'm going to be on the program for the forseeable future. in my experience, the more accountability you have to others, the more you're likely to stick to the plan, so i think a once-a-week checkin would be great.

    and i'm sorry to hear that the german system is so confusing! i'd have no idea what to do with that info.
  3. My mom did Weight Watchers- just the points system, not the meetings or anything else and lost 20 lbs!

    P.S- Good luck figuring out the German system! You can do it!!!
  4. haha, I feel the same way :smile: You can't really make up BS excuses for eating 5 cookies too many (oops!) to somebody else, lol
  5. I am a lifetime member and I just returned from my monthly weigh-in. Only gained 2/10th of a lb. in the past month and a half and that included a vacation with lots of crumb cake back East! I was excited!

    We would love for you to check back in!
  6. I'm on LA weight lost and lost a total of 10 pounds in 10 weeks. I'm just not happy with the program in general, so I've decided to join weight watchers. I just think the program is so much easier to follow. Do you think it's hard to follow the point system? I remember reading you get a certain amount of daily points, plus extra weekly points. Is that true?
  7. I'm on WW. I bought the calculator and it makes my life SO much easier! You enter the calories,fats,and fibers and it tells you exactly how many points something has. I bought mine on Ebay-it saved me! And there are websites out there if you want resturant points like this one:


    I've lost 30 pounds of post baby weight and have 19 to go.:yahoo:
  8. Yes, that is how it works. I have it on my PDA, so I can plug in what I ate and it syncs with my computer. I used to carry around the book with me. This is just easier for e.
    I am a list-type person, so this works for me. Good luck. :smile:
  9. yep, that's how it works, and you can choose whether or not you use the weekly points. once you get used to the points value of the foods you normally eat, you can more or less do the points in your head, although i still use the calculator for stuff that i think will be on the line between two amounts.
  10. So do you all have both the online system and go to meetings? I was thinking about using online for the recipes and extra support. I already bought a calculator and some other WW books.
  11. I'm online. It is much easier for me since I just type in what I eat and the online software does the rest.:yes:
  12. I really feel like I need that accountability that going to a meeting will give me, but I thought that extra online stuff would be helpful.
  13. I actually just do it at home, without any online help, etc. Just my mom and I. We don't go to meetings because they're at a stupid time and neither of us would be able to go and *to me* the e-tools are too expensive.
  14. I lost 25 pounds on WW 2 years ago and have maintained it off quite easily. They were the last possble 25 pounds I could lose too. You know how hard to lose those last few are!

    I recommend the meetings.
  15. Three years ago I did the WW flex points and lost 150 lbs in 2 years. It's a great plan. It does work if you stick with it. Unfortunately, last November I had a mass on my thyroid (non-cancerous) and I had to my thyroid destroyed. Well, during that 7 month ordeal, I gained 70 lbs. I had a variety of health issues because of it and only now am I started to feel better and get back on track. I too, will be doing the WW thing again. I know it works and I do it online. I used to go to the meetings but I really don't have the time. I do miss going to the meetings. I think I was more accountable when someone else weighed me. Good luck to you.