Who here is a member of the Marketplaza? (is this ot?)

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  1. I applied to join but I guess I'm too new here to be approved! I want to see all the goodies people have to sell!!! Who here got approved? Have you been here a long time? How long do you think I should wait before trying again?

    If this is in the wrong place, please delete and my apologies! Thanks!
  2. I've been wondering the answer to this ? myself
  3. It'd be nice to know who are sellers are here. :smile: I never got around to apply but I'd love to see what others are buying/selling too!
  4. I applied too and haven't heard anything either. It's been about three weeks now since I applied. I would love to be accepted.
  5. 3 weeks for me too
  6. I've waited a few weeks also but I'm in no rush to spend money on another bag. I need to worry about using my store credit first.
  7. Well I guess we'll have to wait and apply again sometime right nativenydesigns?
  8. be patient guys..Vlad has got to be overwhelmed with apps for the MP...!
  9. right!
  10. LOL. Exactly what I was thinking!!
  11. mas2388, nativenydesigns, missypoo---update us on how long the process takes!! I hope you get approved!!
  12. Sure will!! I check my email everyday to see if I have been accepted. I'm hoping one day I'll see my invitation. :biggrin:
  13. thank you very much:biggrin: I will !
  14. me too;)
Thread Status:
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