Who here is a Chanel EXPERT!?!?!??!

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  1. Who on Purseforum would you girls say is a Chanel Bag Expert (basically who would be #1 person you would go to, to help authenticate a Chanel):P
  2. i've had help from Vixy, Cristina, Ayla and someone else... ekekek, i cant remember who it was - sorry!

    good luck on your search for Chanel - im on a search too for a timeless bag!
  3. It doesn't really matter, there's a thousand people here that would be happy to help you out if you posted in Seller Watch. Whether the information comes from one person or a dozen, information is information.

    Rarely do we ever post unless we're sure of what we're saying about the bag.
  4. Agree wid ya'. But sorry to say...I think the best Chanel expert will be the sales staff. They should know every single thing. ;)
  5. I agree :amuse: Post your question(s) in Seller Watch :nuts: