who here has....

  1. a vintage french company monogram speedy 30? i'm considering one and would like to see pics of yours. tell me how much you love them too!:P
  2. I do and I love it!

    Here she is with her little sister, the 25 and a friend, Belem PM:
    FC Speedys and Belem PM.jpg
  3. And here she is in a family portrait:
    FC Speedys.jpg
  4. ^^I just have to say that I love your watermark. Very smart!
  5. Addictedtolv- how do you like your belem pm? I'm falling for the gm and want to know if it carries well?
  6. I had to have a French Company Speedy 30. I wanted my LV's upstanding on both sides. I just like this bag better than the newer ones... Now if only I could turn this bag into a Speedy 35. I just need more room...
  7. thanks for sharing for they are timeless beautys!
  8. I was wondering that myself. I'm always drawn to the Belem in the store, but can't decide how it would work on a daily basis.
  9. i adore these speedies, did they ever make keepalls with the same style i would kill for one lol
  10. I LOVE this scarf!!!
  11. Nice scarf:flowers: and oh, :heart: the lips, lol
  12. ^^ love the scarf!!!
  13. Thank you! :flowers: Hopefully I won't see these pics on eBay or worse, iOffer! :yucky:

  14. I love my Belem PM! It is surprisingly roomy for such a small bag as it opens up fully on both sides. It is definitely a hand-held bag unless you have teeny arms. DH thinks it is the nicest style that LV ever produced. :yes:
  15. I don't use mine on a daily basis. But I do use it for going out or for a special event or something. I can fit in my Coach cosmetic bag, Palm, Mono French Purse, cell phone and CC holder. I put my Mono 6-key case and car key (big block) into the outside pockets. The structure of the bag doesn't change at all whether it is empty or full. :yes:
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