Who here has the iPhone / New Sidekick lx?

  1. how do you like it and is it just a hassle or does it make life easier? I'm looking to get a new phone but don't really know which one to get out of the two..

    please give me your honest pro's and cons!! it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I LIVE for my iphone........My daughter even has one and we love them!
  3. have you ever experienced any glitches on your iphone? also, did you get the 8GB or 16GB? thanks for your reply! =)
  4. do your ressearch first. there r better phones out there compared to the iphone, and especially the sidekick. go to www.howardforums.com and read up on the pros and cons for each. just for reference, i have an at&t tilt that has faster data, sat gps, 8gb storage, touchscreen and touchflo, and access to tons of free apps and themes for abt 170 bucks less than the iphone. bottomline...everything the iphone does, another phone can do the same or better. dont let apple con u into thinking their the first and only phone that can do what it does. as far as the sidekick...its set of features are even less impressive.
  5. thank you charles!!! =) i will check that link out..........i was at the tmobile store yesterday and playing w/ the sidekick and you're right it's features are really simple but easy to use which i like b/c i dont like such complicated programs and such........hopefully i'll make the right decision! b/c that's at 2 yr commitment to a plan on my part.
  6. I like the style of the Sidekick but I don't like T-Mobile for service. AT&T and Verizon is much better. I have an iPhone right now and I love it. If I run into any problems I will definitely switch to Verizon again and get the new pink blackberry. So cute :p I have the 8GB and I would never need any more memory.
  7. Well, if your needs are simple from a phone...tell me what you want out of one. The great thing about most smartphones out today is that it combines multiple devices into one. PDA, Music/Video player, phone, gameboy, internet access, GPS...sure, a lot of phones might have more than what you want now, but once you get it and realize its potential, you might be happier.
  8. I have the lx and love ittttt. If you like the sk3 then you'll love the lx.
  9. My DH and I have matching iPhones since my house is a Mac infested and Mac only household:smile:
  10. We are a Mac "mostly" household, my DH has to use a PC for work, and he works from home. I wanted an iPhone but I REFUSE to give my money to AT&T because frankly their service and customer service SUCK beyond words. SO no matter how great an iPhone would be to have...it's connection to AT&T immediately ruins it for me. It breaks me heart to have to pass on another apple product.
  11. I will again post I am probably the lone Iphone hater. :p It is a brick and it's phone functionality is at best, poor. Don't want voice activated dialing? Iphone is for you. Don't want blue-tooth enabled headset? Iphone is for you. Want a clumsy phone interface? Iphone is for you. Hey.. howabout weak speakerphone functionality? (I need speaker as I typically do conference calls with my cell phone). Iphone is for you. Lastly - what about a bill that is 2x or more of what you are used to paying? As well just forget about your 20% company discount (if you have one with your current plan). No can do with the Iphone.

    OKAY.. in favor of Iphone - you can get your email, maps are great.. and if you are into Itunes (I am not) then I guess you would like it. For me.. I need more of a phone. If DF (dear fiance) had not purchased this for me at Xmas it would be ditched already. JMHO!!! :flowers:
  12. GoogleMaps and LiveSearch are completely free GPS softwares similar to iPhones maps software. LiveSearch has speech recognition too. If you have a WM phone or Palm, look into them....fyi.

    Christine...last I checked, the iPhone did have Bluetooth capabilities...am I imagining things? And to be fair...any smart phone with an unlimited data plan isn't going to be cheap. I pay about 100 after all the taxes and fees for my two lines, one of which has unlimited data.
  13. I've used both phones and out of the two, I would say the iphone was the better of the two.
  14. so today i went into at&t to finally play w/ the iphone..and i decided it's definately not for me....i am just not into screen-touch buttons..especially for a keypad. lol...its just too hard for me to work with. plus, i would not be able to afford that monthly plan especially with the way i use my minutes i would need like 1500 minutes..

    as far as the sidekick lx...it's more practical for me and i really like it, however.....i was going to sign up for it at the kiosk b/c today they were having the $139.99 for a brand new sidekick lx if you sign up w/ t-mobile today ... but then upstairs there was a real t-mobile store and they told me at the kiosk, you're basically signing up for 2 contracts and if your phone breaks or malfunctions, they wouldn't be able to do anything for you.......so basically they were telling me kiosk's are shady and have alot of hidden contracts and fees etc......

    anyone agree with them? ah i still have to check out that link that you gave me Charles!
  15. Never said it didn't have bluetooth functionality - just that the headset didn't work. And to be fair.. in my case I went through three different brands - none worked. I did google search and note there is an Apple version out there.. but it still wouldn't enable voice activated dialing which I think is key, especially while driving.

    Sigh.. and the cost.. well yeah it will be more expensive with data.. I think the thing that really irritates me is that I lost a pretty good corporate discount just because it is 'Iphone' (I'm still digging into that).