Who here has gone Botkier-crazy recently?

  1. I think I'm finally done, but in the span of about a week and a half, I've purchased:

    1)Sophie small satchel in honey (Got it, love it!)
    2)Bianca large in olive (Arrives tomorrow)
    3)Sophie small satchel in grey (By end of week)
    4)Bryant hobo in black (By end of week)
    5)Harley bowler in earth (Hopefully by early next week)

    What the heck is wrong with me?? So, of course, I'm on a massive eBay selling spree to try to recoup my costs.

    I swear, this is what happens when one is unable to go to a Botkier sample sale...You end up stalking eBay...

    Please tell me I'm not the only one...:shame:
  2. NO YOU ARE NOT. But I haven't found "the right price" on eBay yet. GRRR.
  3. Wow. Congrats!
  4. Got the Bryant hobo in black and LOVE it!!!

    I'm looking at the Sasha small Duffle....dunno yet....I can't spend too much on myself!

    I was looking at the Sophie too.....I love it in ink and raisin.
  5. I have bought a Nicole bag in Jean and a Nomad bag in Bronze in the last week and now I know I am going to end up getting a Mini Hobo from their site. If only I knew of a discount code. I don't think anything works. BotkierF20 is expired.
    Anyone know of a code for the actual Botkier site that will work on Ltd Editions?
  6. You are NOT the only one..... I'm predicting a big Botkier year for 2008 for me personally! It's going to start at the Dallas tPF meet... Neiman's here I come hahahaha
  7. That would be me!!

    I am totally craving the Botkier Bianca Large Satchel in Cherry or Olive...love it!!
  8. Here are some pics of my new Botkier "family":

    Large Bianca, Olive:

    Small Sophie satchel, Honey:

    Small Bryant hobo, Black:

    Small Harley bowler, Earth:

    And poor li'l grey small Sophie, with inkstain inflicted in transit:
  9. YUP, me! The Botkier bug stung me hard in this infested time warp of sample sales. I don't have as much as bagatella and lexie, but I sure do love what I'm seeing and the ones I own. Keep the Botkier squishys coming, girls!
  10. Beautiful bags Bagatella!! Can you tell me how functional the east west Sophie is? Sometimes I think it looks wonderful and other times I think the pockets might be too small for actual use. How easy is it to get in and out of?

    I've already moved into my Nomad and I am loving it. You guys should look into one. It is one awesome bag, and soooo functional. Those front expandable pockets are the bomb.
  11. I'm waiting on a large cherry Bianca and a small black Roxy. I was hoping they would come yesterday...they better be here today! I'm so excited! I can't sleep or eat...
  12. ^ They're at the PO now! Gonna be just a bit late for work this morning. I'll post pics tonight!
  13. I got 'em and they're gorgeous! I think they cherry is more burgundy than red and both bags are just as fabulous as I'd imagined!
  14. I am waiting on a cherry medium bianca. I am so excited should be here by Thurs. I hope it is big enough it was the only size they had. My first Botkier!
  15. I love the quality of her bags. I had a small Sasha duffle for a few hours, but it wasn't quite right for me. I have a Nicole satchel on its way right now! I'm sooooooo excited about that.