Who here has a Range Rover?

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  1. Regular or Sport? Please tell which one you have!

    I am just inquiring b/c i am looking into buying one within the next year or two...I was on the website and looking into the monthly payments and WOWZA! lol. i would have to make a HUGEEE downpayment on my car to get less than $1500/month of a payment...i'm interested in the regular range rover (not the sport)...

    anyway, this would be my first car :yahoo: but then again i dont know anything about cars and any tips...i dont even know if it would be a good idea to get this as my "first" car...maybe i should go for something A LOT cheaper??? My parents certainly disapprove..only because they will be helping me out to buy it and they say its wayyyy too expensive...
  2. i don't have one, but i'm going to give my two cents on luxury SUV's as a first car (and only car as of the moment, i'm only 19!). I got my first car when I was 16, and it was an brand new Cadillac Escalade. Granted, i didn't pay for it, but before you go "omg so spoiled." keep in mind that I have to pay for the gas. And I have to fill it with premium, which as you can imagine, is not cheap or fuel efficient.

    that being said, while Range Rovers are wonderfully luxurious, are you willing to pay for the gas?

    my opinion, is to go with a hybrid. Yes, it won't have the Range Rover name, but it's still going to be expensive, but in the long run, you're gonna save a LOT on gas money.
  3. ditto on the gas...i also had an escalade for a year or so and then traded it in for the Porsche Cayenne earlier this year...they are both the same on gas (about $120 a tank and I go through a tank per week)...so it is something you need to factor in. I don't have any car payments...but if I had payments + the gas, that would be a lot of money to give away every month...

    Luxury SUVs are super fun to drive and look amazing...just do all the math so you're not shocked later on (i.e. don't forget about the $300 oil changes) :smile:

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide!
  4. If you're ready to buy or are able to buy now, would you consider leasing? I was able to negotiate $0 down and $800/month inclusive of taxes,etc. It'd be a 4 yr lease with 12k miles/year.

    Also remember though for a new driver, your insurance might be high. I also agree with everyone else on the gas.
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    For your first car, I'd def advise against it. Aside from the fact that it's your first car, you're admitting that you have no idea what you're doing. IT seems you just want one cause you think they're cute or cool, or whatever.
    First off, do your research and know what you're getting into. Range Rover's aren't the most reliable cars out there.
    Secondly...why on earth would you want a 1500 a month car payment? That's more than a lot of people's house payment. Think of what else that money could be going to.
    If you're def wanting a RR, how bout one that's a few years old? For example, a 2004 certified pre-owned (which will have a warranty and looks exactly like the 2008's) RR is around 40K...that's half of what they're going for new. Which illustrates their poor resale value, but also can save you LOTS of money.
    In regards to leasing...I have no idea why people do it. Sure, the payments might be a bit cheaper, but typically your insurance will be higher than if you buy, and at the end of the lease you don't own the car, so in essence, you've paid 3-4 years to borrow a car. You have no value to put towards another car...no nothing. Unless you own a business and you can write it off as a business expense, it's not a good idea to lease.
  6. There's your answer. You have no idea what you are getting into, how unreliable RR are, gas cost, insurance, licensing. Since RR are associated with being 'rich', (which the only people I know that have them aren't!) is that the image you are trying to project?

    Do you realize how much they depreciate once you drive it off the lot? DH has a friend who decided having a RR wasn't worth it & it went from $90K to 36K as a trade in one year! Part of the problem of huge depreciation is the gas prices.

    Why would you want to do something that your parents "certainly disapprove" of?
  7. I agree wholeheartedly with VLL and Charles - a RR as your first car, particularly right now, is a terrible idea. Like, really bad. Leasing it is an even WORSE idea. They've hit most of the important points, but I'll reiterate - they require premium gas and a LOT of it, they depreciate more quickly than almost any car in the market, they're horrendously unreliable, and I'm not sure you have any idea what you're getting in to. A $1500 a month car payment is obscene for a young person that should be saving money for a real investment like a house or condo and for their future.

    Heck, if you still want something flashy that will make everyone think you're awesome, get a BMW 3 series or something. Nice cars, good resale value, less money for gas. But honestly, I wouldn't even recommend that. Not for your first car. Not in this economy. Cars are terrible investments and depreciate rapidly (even the best ones). Put as little money into a car right now as possible, and seriously consider getting something a couple of years old if you still want a "name" car.
  8. Just my 2 cents, but I think its a really poor choice for a first vehicle. Very nice yes, but those payments are huge and not a great investment
  9. Range Rover are nice cars but have high maitenance. We have friends that have them and mind you they are well to do and they say it is expensive. The gas mileage sucks. We looked at a Sport but it still had low ratings. Make sure you can afford the gas on it. It won't look very cool in the driveway because you can't afford the gas and maitenance.
  10. i agree with Charles, VLL, amanda, and robb01.
  11. Thanks everyone for your opinion! Wow...that resale value is VERY BAD! I kind of know what premium gas is like already. I do drive...but my dad's car which is a bmw of course i have to pay the gas..anyway, thanks for pointing out all the issues! i will definately re-consider!! it will just be my "unreachable" dream car haha.
  12. i think it is a ridiculous choice for a 1st vehicle, even if money were no object
  13. ^ I do too.
  14. DH drives one (a Sport). First impressions, it's a HOT car. But once you get inside, it's sort of uncomfortable. The interior is very stiff and upright, and it's hard to get nestled if you are trying to sleep on a trip (which you probably won't be seeing as how you'll be the main driver)

    Gas is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! Although you might want to ask, because at the local dealership, the sales guy TOLD ME they are filling their demos with regular. Even though it might "ping" the engine, they are still doing it. Definitely ask.

    The Range has a lot of room, but I needed even more, which is why I went (WAY) bigger with the Yukon.

    The best thing about Range Rovers is their "cage" around you. The frame WILL protect you in an accident. My friend had one and wrecked... flipped hers a number of times, and they got her out with the jaws of life. If it weren't for the cage, she wouldn't be here today. Apparently if you ask, the dealer should show you pics of wrecked Range Rovers that people survived the crash in.

    Do more homework - look at similar sized SUVs. Take a look at the regular Land Rovers too, they are really nice.
  15. The gas mileage doesn't suck if you are used to driving an SUV. Obviously it's not the same as a Prius, so arguing about gas mileage is comparing apples to oranges. Range Rovers get the same gas mileage as any other SUV... Grand Cherokee, Explorer, etc.