Who here does not own an LV? And why please?

  1. i own few LV bags, i think i love them because i can abuse lv with no worry LOL.
    im a bag killer thats why i choose lv, i need to take care of my prada because its leather and i cant abuse it LOL.
    most of my friends dislike/no desire towards lv.
    some says because it looks unattractive to them from distance (yes, some of them falling in love with lv after seeing and touching mine)
    one of my best friend was gifted a lv bag, but she never really attract by lv because she just doesnt have any desire on it! the only brand she's into is bottega veneta, why? no reason, just personal taste ;)
  2. Woooweee this must be the fastest running thread of the day!:choochoo:
  3. I'm not big on logo items either, my Speedy and ZCP are damier ebene and my Coach bags are leather. They do have logos but they are discreet and non-fans might not even recognize them as being designer (I've even had people ask me what brand my Speedy was!).

    Leather doesn't necessarily mean better quality, I've had lots of cheap leather bags ($50 or less fi they were on sale) that fell apart quickly.

    I prefer coated canvas to leather because it's weatherproof and lightweight but I've gotten past the feeling that I have to have LV.
  4. Hey pandorabox!
    I don't own one. I've have always been rebellious and feel that if I am going to advertise some designer's name, they have to give me a kickback. Also, I am a leather girl all the way. I love the feel, smell and look of leather and no matter how many times I visit an LV store, I just can't get into plastic coated canvas with designer's initials or a checkerboard all over a bag. I do like one of their styles, the Totally, and have checked it out in the boutique and was flabergasted to see that any time one visits they have to wait on line because the store is always busy. What's with that? An Apple store I expect that from but LV??? Also, when I looked at their Empry?- their leather bags, I thought they were nice, but dollar for dollar I would choose BV any time!

    I'm just grateful there is something for everyone out there. :drinks:
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    I have a huge suitcase but no bags.

    I have no problem with LV, any of the lines. Some wouldn't suit me but I have friends who look beyond fabulous. I think they suit young and old and alike but I do find people fussing and babying LV canvas and Epi rather strange, these bags should be used and enjoyed and not worried about too much.

    I don't think anyone must have anything. It all depends on their style. The good thing with most LV bags is they stand up to actually wearing them, rain included, that can't be bad.
  6. I don't own one because there have always been other bags that I liked more when I had the money. I am currently lusting after a Chanel and forgot there was a LV one that appealed to me
  7. Why on earth SHOULD everybody have at least one LV in their bag collection? I'd say that's a better question! For myself, I don't own any LV. That's mainly because over the years I have bought other bags instead, often equally expensive. It took me a while to pay serious attention to the brand. It's only now that I've considered buying a Speedy. To be honest though, just when I'm about to dive in I invariably spot some Boston-style bag I like better (last one was by Prada). Another good reason is that I already have more bags than I can use.
  8. Lol! Yes good question. When I really starting lusting I badly wanted an LV Speedy. I bought a few other Boston style bags with my newest being this awesome and yes I mean awesome MK distressed mocha leather bag which is equivalent to a 30 maybe a touch larger.. I love , no adore... The feel of this leather. I have the matching wallet. :smile: It was a boutique exclusive and no longer selling. This more than satisfies my need for an LV. I do have an LV Alma from the 1990 that I bought in new like condition and but it is in mono and I debate selling it as I don't care for mono. All my my bags are leather even my coach and have no mono. I bought an Eva clutch but found it is better suited for an occasional going out clutch not everyday to the park..
    I am seriously considering selling them... I do have a few coated canvas bags that were significantly cheaper and I will hold those because they serve a purpose. DB all weather leather is amazing!!! I own a Boston style from them and adore it!

    Whoa this thread did grow quick.. Ever notice how that always seems to happen when LV is mentioned. Weather people own one or not it always seems to be a topic of passion.

    TPF is so much fun!

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  9. I don't and I have no intention to change that for a few reasons:
    1) UNBELIEVABLY overpriced for a bag that you would otherwise get for $20 at Target.
    2) Has logos all over it
    3) the shapes do nothing for me.
  10. Also, I love the buzz of finding a no-name leather bag that's really beautiful and is going for a song. I found a red one like this a few weeks ago.
  11. I don't own anything from LV because I don't find the bags attractive and they're waayyyy too common here in Manila (both real and fake!). However, I've bought a Speedy for my mom because she mentioned she liked it.

    Best thing I've read today! :roflmfao:
  12. I don't own a bag but love my Sarah in epi. Much more low key... Still I am lusting for a Cirrus PM..... I also like the shape of the Montorgueil PM (but don't see myself with the logo all over) and I have strong feelings for the Neverful MM Mon Mono.....

    So many wishes, yet so little time ;)
  13. Me!!! Pricing is not an issue, as they just don't appeal to me. I hate logos, stamping and blatant branding on any items. Personally, I see them everywhere, both genuine and fakes, and it loses it's individuality.
  14. I'm just not a fan of logo anything, LV is very commonly carried and it's just not my thing. And then there's the whole fake thing...
  15. Haven't been a fan - but then again, I never say never!