Who here does not own an LV? And why please?

  1. Does everyone have at least one LV in their collection? I am curious how many on here do not own an LV and reasons why? Do you want one and cannot afford it right now? Did you have a collection and sold it off? Does the brand no longer hold an appeal to you? Why?

    I am seeing that some people have a love hate relationship with LV....
    I wonder if owning one is like a collection with at least one black bag in there. Know what I mean?

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  2. I do not own an LV bag because.... well, I don't know, honestly.
  3. Well that is honest. I am looking for honest. ;)

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  4. :roflmfao:
  5. I don't own one...probably b/c's the one's that I truly like are a bit too $$$ for my budget. Like the SC, Mahina & Empreinte bags. If I were to purchase an LV it would be one of these!
  6. I own one LV bag. Yes only one! I do own a Sarah wallet, which I will never let go. I also own a Pomme Agenda, Purrrrrrrttttttttyyy!!!
    My LV bag is a Mono Speedy 35, and I do think she is such a classic must have, only if you like LV.
    Do I plan to own another LV? Well yes if it is basic, and light. Will I own ten LV's never.
  7. Why would you assume that we'd have at least one LV in our collection? I think, honestly, that's a weird assumption (and I write that lovingly, because you're one of my favorite tPFers).

    I've never had the slightest desire to pay exorbitant $ for PVC-coated canvas. Or whatever it is. ::shudder:: Honestly. <---- DO NOT KILL ME. However, you may attempt abduction - just make sure you live in an exotic foreign land where the sun is always out and temperatures are always in the 70s, please. Have to warn you, though, DH won't pay a cent for me. So I'll be stuck in that exotic foreign land... oh SIGH.
  8. Well, I do have one (Speedy 25) and a wallet (ZCP) but compared to many in the LV forum I'm seriously deprived.

    I don't think I'll ever buy any more, it was kind of a long term 'wish' to have just these, plus there are some issues going on (outsourcing, lower quality, etc.) that makes me think it's not really worth the money.

    Honestly if I compare them for quality and features (inside pockets and such) I like my LAMBs better and they were under $300.
  9. Well, I had three at one time - Speedy 30 in damier ebene and monogram , and a neverfull in damier . Got rid of the Speedies as they were not getting any use - i felt that they "matured" my look plus the handles were too hard stiff and hurt my arms , and got rid of the Neverfull as I found out a zipperless bag never works for me (even as a beach tote...although i might rethink that bit hehehe ) . I didnt need to sell to fund other items, i just didnt like having something of no use for me sitting around so I rehomed them and am really glad as they went to other owners who made much more use of them and appreciated them in ways that I never could. :smile:

    If I ever do get another LV it would be an SC and Id never let that one go I think ;)

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  10. I don't own any LV handbags. They just don't appeal to me, especially the ones with logos.
  11. I'll speak for the time before I owned any. I didn't have an LV, or any designer bag until I was 37. I had wanted an LV since high school, but at that time, college and early career I never dreamed of spending that kind of money on a bag. In high-school & college I was broke and my parents NEVER would have bought me something like that as a gift. Early career I was concerned with travelling and saving to buy a house some day. By 37, I was 15 years out of college/20 years out of high-school, owned my house for 5 years, had a comfortable amount of savings... only at that point did the wall come down and I started buying designer bags.
  12. I guess I will have to say that I do not own any LV's....not one. And coated canvas always come to mind when I think of LV's. My best and most fabulous coated canvas bag is my Alviero Martini Muse that is totally fabulous and probably better made than than any LV coated canvas out there that is made from this day forward.
  13. I don't have one because I can't afford it and because, frankly, I don't feel comfortable carrying something with a prominent logo that screams "wealth" in the city where I live. I think it's distasteful to advertise such an expensive bag in an American city with one of the highest income gaps between rich and poor.
  14. My answer was weak. If I started buying, I would be obsessed (Already am) and be locking myself in my room to stare at them for a few hours, taking a food break, then getting ight back at staring :roflmfao:
  15. I too, will speak from when I was younger. In my youth, I did not have any interest in logos at all. My lifestyle was very minimalist; it touched every aspect of my life. Those days were simpler :smile: