Who here bought the Argent Paddy?

  1. I am curious, how many ladies here purchased the Argent colour paddy that came out in Feb this year?

    I noticed a few sites were sold out of the colour, I was curious if there were many takers or just limited stock released.

    I purchased one and love the colour to bits!

    (pls ignore the link that appears at the bottom of this post - its an error of some kind - pls don't click on it)
  2. I bought it (from neimanmarcus.com where they are erroneously listing it as a small!:wtf: ) and I love it too! The leather on mine is super squishy and the color is SO PRETTY!!! :heart: I got the matching long wallet from roz77772002 on eBay.:graucho: I think it's still on NAP as well...last time I checked. It's a great bag. I wear it mostly for evening but it's great for daytime as well. It's a metallic but not glitzy, very subtle, and DIFFERENT:smile::wlae:
  3. i got the mini paddy (also from neiman's, but i called and ordered it) and i LOVE it. it's the perfect color - it goes with everything and it's year-round, but it's beautiful and metallic. i like it better than the older argent paddy.

    diabro still has some, doesn't it?
  4. Please post pics.
  5. I bought the medium size actually from Diabro - it was $400 AUD cheaper than NAP & LVR. Mediums are sold out... but yep, mini's are still available. I completely forgot it came in two sizes.

    Agree with all the above comments. I will take some pics of the actual bag catgirl and post it. I found the pics by each seller varied.

    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  6. here's mine:
  7. ^^^ Ooooh yummy colour, love it!! :yes:
  8. I LOVEEEE your bag! I loved the color before and now I love it even more :p I "need" to get it :graucho:
  9. Just to clarify...I don't know if neimanmarcus.com has the mini, but the one I got from them, and the one they STILL have online is the medium paddy in "argent" (or taupe metallic as NAP calls it.) They are mistakenly LISTING theirs on NM as the "small" but it IS the medium. :shrugs: For those of you out there that want the mini, I do think it's on Diabro.net. :smile: It's an absolutely gorgeous bag in any size! :yahoo: