Who have YOU seen in LV???

  1. I thought since there are sooo many of us, all around the world, someone has to have seen someone famous or a socialite or celebrity of any kind in their LV store or one they've visited!! So come on, who have you seen?

    I'll start:

    I saw actress/comedienne Margaret Cho at the LV store in Tampa, International Plaza.
  2. i saw sarah jessica parker filming for the sex and the city movie across the street from lv (even tho it was in the baground).. on 5th ave
  3. I've seen no one Simone :sad:
  4. I saw Prince outside of LV in the VIP walkway at the Forum Shops in Vegas.....he smiled at me! FAINTS!!!! LOL
  5. Shut UP!!! Seriously?! That is AWESOME!!!!
  6. Awww..... Vik for sure, I thought YOU would have a story!!! ;) lol....
  7. OMG!!!! Prince was THE MAN when I was in school!!!! *swoons* I had the whole "I would die 4 U" iron on neon green sweatshirt, parachute pants and everything!!! lol.... aaahhhh memories.... That is SOOOO cool girlsgottoshop!!!!
  8. I've seen Scarlett Johansson in the LV boutique on Bond str in London some 2 years ago...She was so pretty...Although I was with my girlfriend and couldn't comment KWIM?:whistle:
    I've seen several in my trips and some greek celebrities here in greece but none other in LV!!!
  9. Verrry smart not to comment with your girlfriend there!!! lol... Scarlett Johansson is sooo beautiful! A classic beauty!!! Who did you see in Athens? I was searching the store high and low when I went in Nov. maybe to see Remos or Vandi (Greek singers for everyone else!;) ) but noone! lol...
  10. I've only seen myself in LV. Hopefully soon i will have a celebrity encounter
  11. I haven't seen anyone in the LV boutique...
    I have seen many in Lakis Gavalas boutique...and also I have seen many times
    A.Vissi but not in LV...and I've spoken to her...but I was alone!!!lol
    anyway maybe there were many celebrities on my goings to LV but I was too focused on the bags...
  12. haha when you finally become one...and I'm sure you will..
    Please don't forget us poor little tpfers!!!
  13. I haven't seen anyone...I'm always alone in my store :sad:
  14. Too funny!! Well, don't forget us - "who knew you when!"... lol...
  15. LOVE Vissi!!! So beautiful!!! That's what I love about Athens, you can see anyone anywhere! I met Vissi, Parios and Psaltis in the States actually (not at the same time!) when I was much younger! I'll have to go hang out at the Lakis Gavalas boutique!!! lol...