Who have good results with their weight training?

  1. And how do you do it? Thru doing free weights, with a pt, classes?

    Are there noticeable results with your body?

    Please share your stories.

    Me, I've been doing Body Pump classes, and yes there are some results esp with the upper body, but I have a long way to go.
  2. I have been working with a pt for a few months now and I have definitely noticed an increase in my strength. He does more of a circuit training and every session is a little bit different of a routine but I feel I'm pushed to my limit rather than me wanting to give up at the slightest feel of exhaustion. I'm definitely pushed a lot more. For example, I started only being able to do 5 pushups before experiencing fatigue. Now I'm up to 25. I also could only hold a plank position for 10 seconds and I'm now up to 30. I went in knowing I was really weak and now my confidence and strength are building.
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    I can understand the feeling of exhaustion and wanting to give up. That's why classes work better for me coz there are others in the class. This way, when I'm exhausted, I don't give up as fast coz I'm embarrassed with others.
  4. Weight training = :heart:

    When I reached a plateau in weight loss with doing cardio and lifting lighter weights in those "body pump" type classes, I got together with a personal trainer, who helped me form a 3x/week body part split. I also started lifting heavier. That's when I saw the most changes in my body. I now do a full body workout 3x/week.

    The most important thing to do is continue to increase your weight. Once you can easily do 3 sets of 10-12, it's definitely time to add weight. I do 3 sets of 8, at a challening weight. If I increase weight and can only do 3 sets of 6, I continue to try and add reps in future workouts until I can do 3 sets of 8 with that weight. When I can do it without much struggle, I increase weight. It's important to challenge yourself - that's how you'll see results.
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    What is the current weight that you're doing? And what are your favorites exercise? In Body Pump classes, my instructor tells me to put the heaviest weight during squats coz legs have the biggest muscles. I am currently doing 7.5 kg on each end of the bar, so 15 kg total. I reduced more than half for arms (bicep/tricep) to 6 kg.
  6. Sarah, I am a HUGE fan of weight training. Weight training burns more fat than just cardio alone. Combined with cardio and proper diet, you WILL see results of weight training in about a week. I lost 72lbs (all of my pregnancy weight) in about 11 weeks (doing weights, cardio and eating clean) and will absolutely recommend it to anyone who is eager to lose weight and keep it off.
  7. i love weights. the last time i lost weight i did the firm tapes. they say you'll see results in 10 workouts (as long as they're done in a reasonable timeframe. not like 1 time a month for 10 months) and it's totally true. doing those tapes i was in the best shape of my life. they kicked my butt but i loved them. they're mostly step aerobics and weights- lots of squats, leg lifts, etc.
  8. Sarah, you can see what types of exercises and how much I lift in my journal - http://forum.purseblog.com/health-and-fitness/cristinas-diet-and-fitness-journal-sticking-to-time-184831-6.html

    I had to stop lifting for about 6-7 weeks because I had breast augmentation surgery on August 31. I've been slowly increasing my weight now that I'm lifting again. It was fairly easy to go back to the weight I did pre-surgery for my legs, but my upper body has been a challenge.

    My favorite exercises are the bench press, close grip pulldowns, one-arm dumbbell rows, lunges and squats - basically any compound move that incorporates a lot of your muscles, rather than isolation exercises (tricep kickbacks, for example) that isolate one muscle. You get a lot done in a shorter amount of time, and better results. But that's JMO :smile:
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    Checking out your thread now Cristina :smile:

    H-addict, I have just a lil problem in your equation there "weight + cardio + proper diet". And that is the latter, ahahah.. I am so bad with what I eat, I can't stand diet. But even with only cardio + weight it's easy breezy to maintain the weight that I want. It's even easy to loose a kg or two. So yes, I am def keeping up with the combo, I absolutely love it.
  10. ^ could you start with small changes? I started by making 1 healthy choice per meal. Ie- if I had cookies with lunch, I would drink water.

    Also cutting down/out soda makes a BIG difference.

    Its easier to move forward with small steps :smile:
  11. Sarah, you should really consider starting to eat healthier little by little. Once you start maintaining a healthy diet, you will definitely see improvements a lot faster.. Also it feels great to be eating healthy, and the best part is you get 1 meal out of hte week as a cheat meal where you can eat anything you want and not feel guilty about it.

    I did classes at my gym for a few months and didnt see much results... however I started weight training by myself with some pointers from SO, and honestly I saw results so much faster that way.
  12. I have honestly see some results with the classes I did so far. My arms are more toned, you can them more shapely by now. To sum up, upper body is showing promising signs. Lower body, well.. that one I gotta work on.

    My diet mainly consists of 5-10 tbs of rice + veggies + meat/fish/chicken whatever is on that day. I also eat lotsa bean cake and tofu. Those are like always on the table, hehe.. cheap, taste nice and healthy as well.
    I don't do breakfast coz I wake up late, always after 10AM. So, I just have a glass of fresh juice/water or nibble on something to wait for lunchtime.

    Dinner can be anything, sometimes I eat at home and cut out the rice, sometimes I eat out after gym. Today, I had sashimi +sushi.

    I don't do junkfood, don't do sodas as well, only rarely like once every 2 months.

    Snacks? This is a tricky part. I go through seasons, LOL.. Before I was addicted to banana flambee + vanilla ice cream. So, I make that everyday till I got bored. Other times can be avocado juice + lotsa condensed milk, etc. My mom always keep all sorts of cookies in lil jars, sometimes I eat them, sometimes I don't. But I am the sort of person that if I crave something, I just had to have it. Dieting won't work for me coz of this. Sometimes I see those yummy fish on the table then I doubled my rice intake.. kwim? So, it's not like I eat bad things, I think I'm quite okay and I'm pleased with my current weight too (5"2, 99 lbs), but I just wanna say that I can't maintain a regular diet. There are always those lil eruptions with the snack seasons, LOL..
    My mom is out of town now, so we have no more cookies, so it's good. I am safe for now, LOL..
  13. Oh Sara, I know what you mean about diets and good food. I love fried fish, definitely my favorite, and I will eat that with lots of rice, so I try and have that every 2 weeks or so, but oh god, it's just so tempting though. I had fried salmon last week and ate it with a little pasta/olive oil, not quite the same, if you kwim.
    Another fav of mine is banana split, oh lordy, this has been calling me for a couple of weeks now, lol. I'm gonna have to break down one day and just do it.

    I'm not a snacker, thank god! Now and then, my taste bud is calling out for doritos nachos and red skin peanuts but I've learned just to eat a few, just to satisfy that craving. Don't really want to totally deprive myself. Oh, I also love the taro smoothie but haven't had that in a few months. I don't drink sodas, another good thing.

    My dh thinks I don't need to lose anymore weight, just work on the belly area, (gain weight in the belly when I quit working out a year ago). I'm currently 100 lbs, 5'. I think I have 3 more lbs to go..... ahhh, we'll see.