Who hates static electricity? I DO!

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  1. I am having a big big issue with static electricity!
    going in to e car, coming out of the car, touching anything metal....... brushing my hair.. changing out of clothes... changing out of boots... its so painful and it happens so many times a day.

    once, i even saw blue sparks at the metal part of my laundry basket. i forgot what i was doing that caused that but have definately gotten more careful around metal stuff when its nearing winter.

    is anyone else as afraid of the static as me?
  2. OH MY GOD reon, where have you been?!

    I have an aboslute phobia of static shocks! In high school, i got stuck in a classroom for 45mins because someone shut the door and I was on that really static school carpet and couldn't bear to touch the metal door handle.

    With the car, I push the door wide open, step right out of it without touching anything and push it closed by touching the glass window only. Sometimes I take a set of keys with me and after getting out, I touch the key to the metal bit to earth the shock. I still hate it, but it's better than getting shocked on the hand!

    I could go on and on - I never touch filing cabinets at work, I hate walking too close to people in shopping centres because even a slight brush will send a shock, I hate shaking hands, touching lift buttons, taking clothes off too quickly (especially wool) - the list is endless!
  3. It's often caused by dry air... I've found that applying a bit of hand cream before touching things results in shocks only once out of every 10 times. Have you noticed that on rainy days, you don't get as many shocks?

    Sometimes I cover my hand with my sleeve and "slap" the item that I'm about to touch - if there is a shock, it sort of gets disguised by the slapping contact...

    My worst nightmare is when you flinch and people ask what's wrong and you tell them you don't like shocks, they think it's a joke and start madly rubbing their feet on the floor *shudder shudder shudder*
  4. ^^ i used to do that whole covering my hand with a sleeve and slapping the item thing too!! i used to do it with my car...quite a few years ago it never failed... EVERY time i got out of my car i would get a shock.. so i started covering my hand with my sleeve and slapping the car door after it was open. for whatever reason a few years ago i never realyl got shocked anymore after getting out of my vehicle.

    i have static like crazy in my house right now... i really need to put out my humidifier but it's a pain in the butt... i need to buy a new one but i'm picky and don't want a really ugly one since i don't have a place in my house to really 'hide' it.
  5. ok let me share the craziest thing that i do. all really crazy but all true!
    my fiance always opens the car door for me and i really flat out refuse to touch the door of the car because i get the static EVERY SINGLE TIME.
    i tried to touch the door through the cloth of the sweater but the static still totally get through it and even though its not as pain with the cloth, its still a shock!
    i use the car key to touch the metal pieces of the car after getting out of the car.
    i used the slapping method too and frankly, a few times, i could not differtiate if the pain was from the slap or the static!
    when i take clothes out from the dryer, i just endure all the static sound and leave e clothes on the bed for a long time before i touch them again!
    always let the water run for a few seconds first because when i do not do that, when the water touches the fingers, mild static again........
    especially those tap at malls....

    i really hate static ... and guess what? i recently bought this jacket and when i took it off, i hear the static sound going off like fire crackers!
    so now, i take it off reeeaaaallly slowly.

    its sucha pain and its going to get worse as the air becomes dryer.

    i live in arizona now and i know that static is here to stay and is coming on stronger than ever starting from now.
  6. That's classic! I can't believe there are other "slappers" out there LOL My SO thinks I'm absolutely nuts... my friends think even worse of me, because every time we see each other and they lean in to kiss me, I flinch and slap them on the arm first to earth them :p

    I know what you mean about the car - it seems to be new cars or cheapie cars that are the most static... after a while they seem to shock you less; I've definitely noticed that too.
  7. You must be really really static for the water out of a tap to shock you... I often get zapped by the tap itself, but i don't think i've ever been shocked by the water!

    I don't think i'm particularly static, i just HATE electric shocks. I could probably actually easily live with the amount of times I get shocked, but for this ridiculous phobia of mine.

    Ugh, but i have the same problem as you with clothes - i hate wool or synthetic materials because i cannot stand that firecracker sound or the small pinches as you get shocked all over. In winter, if I wear a wool jumper with a coat, I take the coat off in s-l-o-w motion (people laugh all the time) to avoid the shocks.

    Maybe you could do the same as Iluvshopping and get a humidifier?
  8. Holy cow!

    So get this...I got shocked so bad once (DH handed me the remote) I felt it leave THROUGH THE TOP OF MY HEAD!!!

    That sucked...
  9. my little sister claims she "shocks" herself and everything she touches.....so my mom puts softening sheets in the dryer during laundry....but i don't think that's what's wrong with her because one time she even shocked my mom!!!!
    i never felt "it" though.
  10. This just happened to me yesterday at the office.... everything I touched in the morning gave me a shock - my file cabinet, etc. It was so annoying!! My clothes also felt like they were clinging to me and I guess it didn't help that I was wearing Uggs and dragging my feet!

    I was also worried later that evening when I had to get gasoline for my car - I had to touch my car to get rid of any static electricity before pumping gas - but luckily, I got no shocks!!

    However, today is good - it rained, so nothing happened!
  11. yeah i get that a lot of times with my friends when our skin accidentally bump each other LOL
  12. OMG... have you seriously never had an electric shock?
  13. I hate static electricity too. I always seem to get shocked. At my work they just put in new cheapo carpet and I am getting stocked every time I touch something metal. Sometimes I shock my dogs when I touch them. Especially my black pug Luna. I don't know if it is me or her, but she gets all sad. Once I even saw a blue spark. I hate when my hair feels all static-y. It drives me insane. Also when I go to Vegas I get shocked a lot! Every slot machine or door I touch. I usually am then too afraid to touch anything.
  14. I get them quite a lot, and they're such a pain. Mostly on escalators and hand rails in shops, or off my Mums car. One time we were in the shopping centre car park and when I shut the car door, it hurt so bad I couldn't help but scream. People must have thought I was crazy. They're not so bad for me that I have to start avoiding things yet though.
  15. I DO I DO I DO!!!:nuts:
    All this while I thought I'm the only one who gets these crazy static shocks... You can't imagine what a relief this is to me knowing that there are others like me out there!!!:yahoo: Thank you thank you thank you so very much:cutesy:
    My friends thought I was abnormal:weird:, getting static shock from pushing the shopping cart, touching the car, going up too close to the tv set, turning on the tap... etc.. It happens so often it felt like I'm being sentenced to micro-electrocution!
    There was this one time after I pulled out the 3-pin plug from the socket and was going to put it back in the box, my index finger accidentally touched one of the pins... :shocked: whoa! A very loud THUMP sounded between my ears and also in my heart! A static shock multiplied many folds! That was one scary experience *phew* .. I sometimes wonder if it did any mini damage to my memory at all 'coz I am always forgetting things....:s