Who has Violet or Raisin Hermes bags??

  1. If you check my thread "Lovers of Slouchy Hermes" you'd know that I'm on to my next quest:choochoo:.. the absolutely stunning Violet or Purple Birk. Those who owns Violet or Raisin bags, please, please, please be so kind as to post your pics here so I can go googoo gaga over it! :drool::drool::drool:
  2. I am waiting for my raisin birkin to pop up. Thank godness there are lovely pictures in the reference section for me to ogle at.
  3. mrss: in cherve?:happydance:
  4. :yes::yes: It can take its time. I hope it's L stamped :graucho:
  5. Why L stamped? Any significance?^^
  6. No, KB. Only a reference of time. I think I am so done for this year ... at least this is the feeling I have right now. :p
  7. Mrs.S: Hmm... L as in next year?? Will be SO jealous when you get it next year, Mrs.S!! U r so lucky! Raisin in chevre would be amazing!! :tup:
  8. whitebirkin, all I am saying here is that it can take its time, but hopefully that it does not take too long, before I go nuts. No one knows whether my store will even receive raisin in chevre!

    Don't be jealous! I keep looking at your avatar and trying to make out the bags that you have. Alas, too small to see details. Would you like to show us your family of Birkins, please?
  9. Mrs.S:Same here... I don't mind if it takes a while as long as I could get it at the end...Wishful thinking huh? :graucho: Well, I guess that's what keeps us Birkfans keep on going! I think I saw someone's raisin togo in one of the threads (but I forgot whose) and I can't help but drool over it! It's crazy!!
    As for pics of my collection, I'll try to post it sometime soon. Not to good in taking pics, so must take some time to arrange everything in case it came out blurred :upsidedown: But will keep you posted Mrs.S! Oh, and I saw your beyond-gorgeous Croc Kelly Pochette? Wow! :love:
  10. could that be mine? it is togo 35 ph!
    hraisin 002_1.jpg
  11. How similar is raisin in togo and clemence? Yours is gorgeous, RC but so is Aspenmartial's and I do love clemence.
  12. Here's my raisin Trim in veau graine lisse

  13. Raisin 31cm Bolide Togo w/PHW


  14. hNe: Is your phenomenally beautiful Bolide a "mou"?? I am sure that I might have known at some point....but cannot remember now.

    All these raisin pics are breath-taking!!!
  15. MrsM - yes, my bolide "mou"s in this picture she has her stuffing inside so she is not in full slouch (which is just the best) :heart: hNe