Who has used BRASSO?

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  1. I want to try it but I've never used it before. Does anyone have advice on how best to apply it to the hardware on my bags? I'm so scared to do damage. Thanks!
  2. In my experience, it works great but you have to be able to completely isolate the hardware - if you get it on leather or cloth it's almost impossible to get out. Good luck!
  3. do you just put some on a cloth and then rub it on the metal? is there a way to do the rubbing - circular motion, up and down, etc? thank you!
  4. you'll see when you rub it, use a white cloth and you will see like a dark residue come off on the cloth. That is how you clean the metal. It always looks great afterwards. It doesn't matter which direction you rub. It just comes clean, just be careful not to get it on the leather.
  5. Oh goodness I use that on my fender, would be so afraid to put near my bags. Absolutely if you get on the leather or canvas you will never get stain out
  6. I love brasso. I used it on some of those penny presses I made at Disneyland last year with my pennies that weren't super shiny. You put some on an old cloth and buff the tarnish off of the metal. Just be sparing with it because you don't want to ruin your bag or anything.